Why Did Mike Llywellyn & The Band Disappear From the Internet ?

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UPDATED!: 03/07/2019 -

If you have seen the latest headlines concerning Google about Jewish Paedophile, Andy Rubin:

....then you'd have an idea of the type of people who would want to ban an innocent bloke like myself from YouTube and all the online music retailers. The facts are that I had never published anti-semitic music on iTunes or Google Play. Even our Kitler song said..."Tiny Mustache, NOT A NICE GUY", which was NOT a positive endorsement of Adolf Hitler. We NEVER use foul language in our songs or racist overtones. Infact, we are still on Spotify, according to fans who email me daily. Google wants to protect American & UK families from 'crazy drug-addicted hippy antisemites' like me? Yet, According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai: "over the previous two years, 48 employees had been fired for sexual misconduct, 13 of whom held senior positions at the company.

Why would a company like Google, who wants to protect families from evil anti-semites, hire perverts? ...It means that they don't really want to protect families at all. They don't want you to discover the truth about the Holocaust!

Google has a horrible track record!

What is it... really? ...than just an expensive search engine to find pornography. Google traces people who use it for such, so that they can be blackmailed over their browsing history.

They selectively blacklist those who don't go along with their political views. That's Google: another corrupt monopoly!