Do The Jews Really Love America?

A real sign of love from a leader to its people, is allowing them to use their hard earned skills to perform a labour that both enriches the company, the nation and allows for the worker to feed his family.

By the Jews taking over the majority leadership of American industries, they become more than just the owners of the largest corporations: THEY ARE IN FACT, THE GIVERS OF LIFE, and TAKERS OF LIFE.

Mussolini, Hitler, and even many of the communist leaders made it first priority to ensure that the entire adult population was working. That was the beauty of socialism! Many Jews claim to be socialists, but their actions haven’t proved it one bit!

The Jew’s main goal is to cut production costs and workers, to make the greatest profits. Their main goal is to seek the fewest workers possible. To hire skeleton crews if possible. To seek the cheapest labour, and if it’s not found in the USA, they will seek it in China, or Mexico, or India.

The Jews brought the negro slaves in to the Americas for this very purpose. To cut labour costs. When the slaves arrived, unemployment rose. The skills required to farm were also lost, so many boys headed towards the cities to live hard lives. Thankfully for the Jews, the Civil War occurred, and many of those unemployed were killed in the War. WWI the same.


The Jews have no intentions to bring US jobs back to America. If we view the past, we can see their plans for the future. As unemployment rises, they will need to send those folks who the rabbi's call 'useless eaters' out to fight a war. This is how the Jew manages both overpopulation and unemployment.

There are millions of college graduates walking around in the United States without labour. They are even coming here to the UK to ask for work. That's how bad it is! Who is to blame? They were given the wrong advise to study subjects or technology skills that could only be applied for in countries which had those industries, such as in China. But no American firm in China will hire an American born programmer of CNC machines to come and work in China, because its against the American-Chinese trade agreements. For the US Worker it is a losing battle. The Jews in Wallstreet have sold them out!

What advantages Does the Jew Have Hiring a Staff on Another Continent ?

1. The first advantage is that the angry workers won't be able to locate the company owners and kill them. This was a common occurance during the industrial revolution.

2. The second advantage is reduction of the labour costs and materials. Not only slave labour, but labour without benefits.

3. The third advantage is the exploitation of the environmental laws for the use of toxic processes and hazardous chemicals to produce consumer goods and electronics.

4. The fourth benefit is the REAL PLOT: To force the umeployeed American youth to join the Armed Forces, without a draft.

Do the Jewish People REALLY love the Americans?

I don't think so! They own most of the country, so they are absolutely capable of hiring every high school or college graduate. That is REALLY the truth folks... these people are millionaires. They could do it... BUT THEY Won't ... We have seen historical results of what happens and it's not pretty!

Should the Jews by raided by the US Military for their destructive warmongering labour practices?

I think ALL Americans need to raid these criminals and take their country back. Trump is not going to do it for them. And the US constitution has too many loopholes in it for the Jews to exploit. Americans will need a revolution and new set of labour rules which forbid usary and handling labour overseas. There really is no other option for them. There are too many people walking around with the same degree. They will need to find useful skills which are on a decline. That's the way to survive. Believe me!

HAPPY 4th of July!...... Mike