University Deception

The saddest thing coming out of the troubled education system World-wide are the countless degrees of uselessness. Think about all the money being spent by the middle-classes on higher education to supposedly fill-in vacancies that don’t exist after you graduate. And all the skills acquired during that period eventually get dissolved in time and become obsolete with changing technologies. Your hard studies evaporate or rot like a beautiful ripe and sweet fruit which does not get eaten. This exploitation of our youth and the debt created by it is not to be overlooked as if it is not a crime. It most certainly is an evil Jewish crime!

The Jews are giving no quarter to graduates looking for work in the West! They are shipping our jobs overseas and the only jobs remaining are occupied by them in our own countries. The jobs in management are reserved only for the Jews and their henchmen, not for those with the highest level of skills. Capitalism has not produced the meritocracy that it claims!

The way to survive in these turbulent times, is the practice your skills at home and really to open your own business. But to do that, you have to have the courage to ‘un-spoil’ yourself, and boycott all the products which have boycotted you! Think about it correctly? You may have studied computer programming or engineering because you wanted to have a job at IBM, Apple, or Bell labs. But there are no vacancies there... So now, you are out of college, unemployed and stuck with debts and no future.


The second thing: You need to start programming at home or writing or doing private experiments with the knowledge you acquired. If you don’t do this. You will lose everything that you worked hard for and the Jews will be laughing at you.

The third thing: You need to distinguish yourself from others and concentrate on things which others are not doing. You need to find a special area which is not being covered by others. By filling this vacancy, you become valued and rare to prospective employers including the Jews, themselves. Remember that the Jews have no talent. They are plagiarists. A good example is Borland software: Phillip Kahn, a Jew grabbed those Goyim boys from Denmark who invented Turbo Pascal. Kahn couldn’t program a coffee machine or a wristwatch, but he found that new technology. The Jews are all talent agents! They seek inventions to rob for themselves. This advise is only if you agree to be robbed by the Jews. It will be harder to build yourself from the ground up without help and sponsors, but it is possible. You need to keep an open mind.

The forth thing: Try Psychedelics at least once in your life, because they can open suggestions that you would normally ignore, and release your most creative abilities. Mushrooms can excel your skills, when used in small amounts. Both hemispheres of the human brain are active during Psychedelic use. And it is not as dangerous as the Jews have been telling you.

The Fifth thing: Trust yourself! You can see the World around you! You know that there is no opening at IBM. Create your own system and challenge those who ignore your skills. Who knows how far it will take you.