Steven Spielberg: The Hateful Promoter of Lies

It's kind of ironic that EVERY film Spielberg has made is the EXACT opposite of the TRUTH!

The sad thing is: If you accidently allowed your children to see Spielberg propaganda, it then becomes absolutely necessary to deprogram your children afterwards. It's kind of like stumbing across 'gay porn' on the internet by accident. As disgusting as that is, you immediately have to look at some photo's of gorgeous women to remind yourself that you are not a faggot. In the same way, you have to restudy the facts everytime you see a Steven Spielberg film. He is purposely lying to his audiences, and in the name of fiction, using historical events. It definitely has a political objective! Without special FX and a real orchestra (i.e John Williams), Spielberg is nothing more than a lazy and mediocre screenwriter, and a poor director. He would have failed in the 18th-19th centuries if he used the same tasteless idioms of his films in a libretto. His work reminds me of painting an ugly object with glitter to turn it into something of supposed value.

Folks..... Let's begin with the idiotic Jaws movie. As a die-hard surfer whose has been in the most shark infested oceans, I can guarantee, that sharks don't ever attack humans. Its very rare! I have seen sharks folks, I have even touched them underwater. They are scared of us. TOTAL BULLSHIT! As the Americans like to say. LOL! Even if you were bleeding which has happened to me hitting corals, they still won't risk coming towards you! This is a Jewish fear tactic, so that you stay out of the oceans. Maybe the Jews don't want normal people catching them smuggling drugs or sex slaves???

Also known as the most boring Sci-Fi movie ever made! Aliens don't exist! UFO's are government-made flying saucers folks! They have the technology!

This list wouldn't be complete without 'Swindler's List' a complete fiction and bad pornographic movie, THAT CHILDREN SHOULD NOT SEE!

Dinosaurs don't exist! Lots of people hated the Jurassic Park movies. They are horrible million-dollar re-makes of Godzilla. Think about the billions that were robbed out of this Jewish franchise! Money like that could have been spent on building high-speed train systems in the United States. TOTAL LIES!

Only a JEW, would make a film which glorifies con-artistry! Everytime you turn on the tele, this film is playing on some station. So what is the plot and moral of this Spielberg work, 'Catch Me If You Can' ? ANSWER: You too, can get a high power priveleged job in the offices of the FBI, if you go around cheating others! That's kind of like the Jewish American dream: The scum aways rises to the top in crony capitalism!