Are Vaccines a Jewish Plot?

Ever heard of Dr. Jonas Salk?

Folks.... the entire invention of government enforced vaccines is a Jewish Ashkenazi plot to destroy the European races. Humanity has existed for millions of years, WHY NOW, do we need vaccines to survive? Because the Jews say so? Why did the Jews do this?

ANSWER: They wanted to weaken their Aryan rivals! They wanted to out-smart us in sciences, music and art. The vaccines have damaged human brain tissue, impairing mental focus. They have destroyed neuro-transmissions and have led to the rise in ADHD, depression, and mental retardation. Did you know that the polio vaccines, block many natural inherited traits, like ‘Testosterone production’, ‘Hormonal balancing of the Thyroid’, and certain natural human abilities like ‘Perfect Pitch’. The Jews have always been rightly accused of being horrible musicians. What a better revenge, then to take away the cognitive ability of European peoples to hear music properly. Before the age of vaccinations, more than half of the European peoples had something called ‘Perfect Pitch’. This is the ability to know which notes are being played in your head. Perfect pitch was held by both musicians and non-musical spectators of music. After Vaccines, nations like: Italy, Austria, Holland and Germany, who had the highest number of the genius composers, now currently in 2019, have the lowest amount of people with Perfect Pitch. How could that be??? IMPOSSIBLE? No, not impossible, they were genetically changed by Jewish, Dr. Salk. If you can't distinguish musical tones mentally, you probably have these monkey mutations! Perfect pitch is not a God-given gift like, like what the Jew's claim. Almost every human had it before the 20th century! Dr. Salk is the wet dream of the Jews to destroy the goyim. He is the Jewish version of Dr. Mengele. Does it surprise you to find many men becoming homosexuals, transgenders, and having record lows in both testosterone and thyroid hormones? This is not conjecture! This is happening folks. Since when have 70% of women World-wide had thyroid problems? Well...... Since these Jewish Vaccines! What about the lymphoma and other cancers? The Japanese got two nuclear bombs, supposedly thrown on them, yet they don’t have the cancers that Western peoples have, and they live much longer lives.

The Polio vaccine contains a mutation of monkey DNA and ape viruses which constantly mutate in human cells. This was named ‘simian vacuolating virus 40’ or SV40:

It’s kind of interesting to note that, it’s almost impossible for someone who has not been Vaccinated with the polio vaccine to receive the AIDS virus.

... to be Continued