By Michael Llywellyn-Price
Caernarfon, UK

Last Update: 04-07-2019

The Nuclear Bomb Hoax really is the mother of all Jewish hoaxes and trickery. It’s the king of modern power and it needs to be exposed as a clever faux science project intended to intimidate all nations of the World. It is a religion of the big lie. Most of the world believe in the hoax, except for a few nuclear physicists and fission experts. I am one of the only conspiracy-minded Greenpeace chaps covering it in on my blog. The reason I feel this way, is because I just came back from Japan as a tourist, and ate its delicious prized Kobe beef (This article was written back in 2003 folks, when I still wasn’t a Vegan.) two blocks away from the supposed bombing site in downtown Nagasaki, which is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited in Japan. I also visited Hiroshima with a tour guide. What could be said about both of them is that they were both thriving and luxury places. Very well maintained and clean towns. There was no sign of radioactivity anywhere, which is the whole point of my article.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by conventional weapons, and the proof is in the pudding. There was NO RADIOACTIVITY what so ever. I met people whose grandparents were well over 100 years of age living right in the area where the bombs supposedly were detonated. Why would the Japanese lie about this?

The Jews made a lot of mistakes in their nuclear bomb argument, but they couldn’t bribe the THEN devastated post-war Japan government to seal-off the area, to prove nuclear weapons REALLY did have a 500-year radioactive decay rate, like what they show us in Chernobyl, in the Ukraine. They were still doctering the pseudo-science during and after the bombings.

This grave mistake by the Jews and by the Japanese, EXPOSES the entire FEAR MONGERING tactic. Don’t believe me? Go to Japan with a Geiger-counter and measure how much radioactivity you find right on the exact bomb impact sites. There really is no excuse for the Japanese centenarians to be living! What about all those £5000 quid slabs of beef they export to the most expensive restaurants in the World. Are you telling me that those meats are NOT radioactive?

According to the Jews and their faux science, those entire regions should be contaminated and the people should all be dying from cancerous diseases, like lymphoma and leukaemia.

But what I saw with my very eyes was the extreme opposite! That only tells me that the Jews are lying to us. This means that EVERY nuclear bomb is a hoax! Including the ones that Israel has, thus making Israel vulnerable to its enemies.

This hoax exposes the whole UN mission to Iraq and Iran and the IAEA as fraudulent organizations of pseudo-science. Why is this important?

Answer: Because this would prove there to be no reasonable excuse to attack Iraq, North Korea, or The Islamic Republic of Iran. Surely, the Iranians in power at the moment know that they cannot make a weapon of any sort. The fact that they refuse to expose this hoax means that they are 'in' on it! Iran is another country that I visited. Not very Islamic at all from what I remembered, apart from some head scarfs on some of the ladies over there. If Iran is pretending that nuclear weapons exist, it means that they are directly controlled by the Israelis covertly. I hope all of you will visit Japan and see for yourself that I am not lying. The real reason the Japanese surrendered was not for the bombing of those two cities, it was because the Russians nullified their promise to not invade Japanese territories. The Emperor, in all of his egoism, blamed it on the newly discovered Nuclear technology of the Americans, to avoid the war with the Russians. There are no nukes folks. We have been bamboozled!

Please see the photo's that proove these regions are entirely safe and wonderful places to visit: