What does 'NOC' Mean?

ANSWER: It means 'Non-Official Cover'

In espionage, agents under non-official cover (NOC) are operatives who assume covert roles in organizations without official ties to the government for which they work.

Alex JonesNew World Order
David DukeWhite Genocide, Scam Artist, Felon
Jeff RenseUFO's
Ron PaulFederal Reserve, Constitutionalist
Pat BuchananFake Opposition
Rand PaulControlled Opposition
John StadtmillerMilitia Patriot Movement, Zionist Shill
George NoorySupernatural, UFO's
Andrew Carrington HitchcockJewish Question
The Islamic Republic of IranIsraeli Satellite, Nuclear Hoax
Bashar AssadIsraeli Satellite, Fake Hero
Vladamir PutinIsraeli Satellite, Fake Hero Leader
Eric Jon PhelpsThe Vatican Agenda
Greg SzymanskiThe Vatican Agenda
Craig OxleyThe Vatican Agenda
Leo ZagamiThe Vatican Agenda
Mark A. CollettMoslem Grooming Gangs
Don BlackCIA fake white nationalist
Daryl Bradford SmithZionism, Fake Financial News, Scam Artist
HizbollahFake Terrorist Hoax
Alan WattFreemasonry Agenda, NWO
stormfront.comZionist Infiltrators, Fake Nazi's
niggermania.comOwned by a Jew, Idiotic Racism
The Anti Defamation LeagueControls Neo-Nazi's
Tulsi GabbardZionist False Opposition
Press TVFalse News Propaganda from Iran
Loose ChangeBush Did 9/11, Jews are Innocent
Dylan AveryZionist Shill
Jason BermasZionist Shill
Korey RoweZionist Shill