By Pete Doolan

Niggermania is one of those websites that seeks to defame the Black African race as subhuman and being evolved from the silverback gorilla. What is interesting to know about, its founder, Tom Shelly, is that he’s not using his real name. The man who calls himself Shelly is a Zionist Jew, and he is stupid enough to leave Zionist links like the ‘Jewish Task Force’ on this index page. How could anyone be that stupid? Furthermore, There’s no proof or evidence that blacks are related to gorillas more than whites. The reason the Jew pushes you to believe in an argument that easily disproven by the actual evidence, facts and science to back it up, is the same reason they want you to believe that a fire brought down the World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001, or that Nasa sent men to the moon! It’s lies people! They are turning you into idiots. Blacks are humans! They have human DNA!