Why Psychedelic?

We are psychedelic because the liceity of humanity's governance has expired! The Human project can't move beyond the unscrupulousness of its spiritual, scientific and political bodies. We are not infalliable and we are all capable of inhumanities. We have plateaued! All that our unelected leaders can do at this point is lie to us. The Jews never foresaw the environmental consequences of the planet as part of their plot to take over the World. Part of the reason they haven't succeeded is because the Earth's sentient consciousness has been communicating with a special people to spoil the Jew's plans. The wet dream of the Jew is to wipe out these people and destroy the plants themselves. This began with the US Controlled Subastance Act of 1970. And the Jews further extended this Internationally by the 1971 Vienna Convention of Psychotropic Substances. Unawarely, we actually live in a perpetual MENDACRACY, caught up in an endless cycle of destruction, repeating the same errors between several generations. 2000 years of Christianity and 300 years of enlightment, hasn't solved any of our problems of greed and egoism, not because Jesus was wrong or because freedom was a bad idea, but because our unelected decision-makers were not immune from selfishness, blackmail or bribery, stemming, primarily, from their failure to use psilocybin. They weren't connected to the planet's command. Communism is a good example of an attempt to cure every nook and cranny caused by so-called historical materialism. On paper, the Jews who pushed this idea, made it look so promising that people were willing to kill their own neighbors by the millions to achieve its purest form, but that only resulted in the same fraud that the World has known for centuries from the Jews. Had communism, capitalism, monarchies, or any other forms of government adapted a psychedelic solution, they may have come closer to a better World without the need of violence. Psilocybin is the ultimate cure for corruption and human mischief. That is the reason it is being surpressed by the elite rulers of the World. They fear that one day, they will be forced to take it, and by doing so, they may be forced by their own free will and that of the Mother Spirit, to share their powers with the rest of us. Psychedelic Nationalists come from ALL races and peoples. They come from all walks of life and political green movements.

If you are here, you are here because you know you have been decieved by these institutions. Your volunteer work has not been appreciated or recorded. You seek justice for our dying Mother Gaia. And she calls on you to seek the Mushroom. To seek the HOLY MUSHROOM GODS. She begs for justice and the right for nature's victory to triumph! This can only happen, when mankind connects to her. That connection is the mushroom entity. That connection can ONLY be made by surpression of our desires and ego. Psychedelics are the final solution to freeing the mother spirit and throwning off her shackles.

Why National?

Because the Mushroom Gods created us all into different nations, each beautiful to its own right, with special abilities to guard the planet in their particular territories. The Quechua of Peru have a great role to play to keep the planet out of danger. Their reponsibility is just as equal to that of the Celtic peoples of the British Isles, or to that of the Germans, French or Italians. The tribal Africans also need to remain in their precious jungle and preserve the nature they were always meant to guard. The Jews have fooled the negro man into believing that a jungle life is undesireable and primative, yet their beautiful peoples were deceived into an ugly subhuman life of deplorable slavery in the New World. The Jews convinced the gullable European settlers in the Americas to buy slaves. The Rothschild slave merchants proclaimed the Africans were not intelligent beings or humanly protected by the law. The Jews also feel the same way about Europeans and all humanity secretly. They only pretend to champion minority rights in the West, but they would never have those minorities in their own homes or communities. The Jew's support of minorities is only to use them as a shield in their planned race wars. The Jungle life is the HIGHEST HONOUR and blessing of Mother Gaia. If they only knew what they lost, they would seek revenge on those who betrayed them. Shame on the Jews for selling Africans into slavery, hence ruining Mother Nature's plan and her will. According to the Mushrooms, 'The true kings of the Earth, would be the naked tribal peoples in the jungles, who are one with nature'. The mushrooms NEVER wanted the intermixing of races or the abandonment of the tribes. The massive overpopulation into the cities has created great chaos. It has left the natural areas, which were once guarded by the tribal people to be exploited by the Jews. The mushrooms all recognize us by our racial characteristics and language. It is the MUSHROOM who wants the 'nation'. If we were all the same, there would be nothing worth to celebrate. Life and tradition is a great Psychedelic celebration. Our heritage is at risk, because a small group of rodents are angry at the power of a little plant. It's kind of ironic that the greatest threat to the Jews are in fact: the psilocybin mushroom plants, the Huichol tribesmen, and the Quechua peoples. Not the white Europeans, folks.... If everyone took psilocybin, then suddenly, they wouldn't have the ego to block discussions on the lies told to us by the Jews. The Jews would be powerless to gaslight us! We could finally have an open and unbiased debate and solve all of our problems.

The Psychedelic National Socialists Party Welcomes You!


Michael Llywellyn Price


Imagine all the Jewish rats have been arrested, and now we Goy are left in charge to manage this beautiful planet. Now what do we do? There are no more Jews left to blame. The remaining criminal elements will be: Mongrel criminals (with left-over hybrid Ashkenazi genes), Italian mafia, Chinese mafia, non-Jewish Russian mafia, and South American criminal cartels. Thus, the major part of the Jewish mafia, their infrastructure, networks, and their paid henchmen will be gone.

Crime will still be there! ......Of course, it will be weaker, because it won’t be sponsored by the Jews anymore. But those inherited traits will still remain in the future offspring of the fore-mentioned groups.

So the first plan, ORDER I - Eugenics: will be to restrict the births of anyone with a criminal record: especially financial mischief, racketeering, pedophilia, and all forms of organized crime.

This might sound like 1984 or Brave New World, but those stories were Jewish propaganda used to prevent a psychedelic solution to the evil human ego. In fact, the answer to 2019, is: 1984, (but without Big Brother or Goldstein). Did you know that Every elementary school in the world forces its students to read those idiotic novels? It’s obligatory in English literature classes. So, if we are forced to read those books by a government that ONLY helps the Jews, why would the government want to warn us of big brother tyranny, if it allows Jewish tyranny? The answer is: that the Jews have forced those books into the school curriculums in order to brainwash us from an early age to reject the solution to the Jewish Question, which is obviously: drugs and lobotomy.

ORDER II - Auschwitz 2: If the Jews are to survive as our prisoners, it would be useless to kill them all, as many of you hope or expect. And since I am against harming or torturing animals, I wouldn’t hurt the Jews, but instead of E. Michael Jones’ plan to evangelize the Jews, my proposal is either a chemical or surgical lobotomy. I’d prefer to go the ‘mushroom route’ and skip the bloody sections. I don’t believe in violence at all. I think we can stop the Jews with shrooms. I also believe we can change the Ashkenazi genome, and remove the ‘rat DNA’ which turns them into hyenas.

All citizens of our state will be obliged to use psychedelics periodically in relation to their baseline effects. The Jews will need more LSD than the normal goy, because of the presence of ‘rat DNA’ which causes an overgrowth in their corrupt egos. Some people still believe that Jewish Ashkenazi are not literal rats, and that the NSDAP scientists of Germany were biased in their claims. Everyday more and more evidence is showing that Jews may ACTUALLY be rats! And tell me how a country of the largest receivers of Noble prize winners, and classical composers could have EVER falsified data to show us that the Jews were indeed rats and rodents. Why do Jews openly promote rat and rodent worship to our Children? Rats ruin healthy eco-systems by overgrowths and plagues. We do not want to show any hate towards the Jewish beast, but his DNA reveals something that is subhuman and destructive to other humans. We want to cure the Jew from himself. That he becomes a worker like a normal human, instead of a monster parasite that feeds on humans. So when I am finished lobotomizing the Jews, I will hand them over to E. Michael Jones and he can experiment on converting them to Catholicism. I think our World would be better off with some of Eric Hufschmid's plans of Kastron, after the psychedelic revolution takes place.