Who is Mike Llywellyn?

Michael Llywellyn Price a.k.a LLYWELLYN is a professional electronics engineer and software programmer from Caernarfon, Wales UK. He specializes in advanced acoustic digital signal processing systems design. Mike has created three-dimensional ambisonics and psychoacoustics projects intended for civil, military and artistic uses. Since his early teenage years, Mike has dedicated himself to a life of volunteerism and environmental clean-up in both the UK and abroad and has been a life-long member of Britain’s Green Party and WWF. Mike is an advocate for animal rights and opposes the ritual slaughtering of animals. Apart from being a gifted multi-instrumentalist, Llywellyn is also an accomplished church pipe organist, harpsichordist, and Renaissance singer. He sings in his own synthpop-punk trio LLYWELLYN along with his brother Lewis and school friend Craig Davies. Mike’s many hobbies also include: bodybuilding, surfing, Celtic poetry, amateur theater, woodworking, cooking, travel and history. He is father of three daughters.