Hi, I'm Mike! Welcome to the New Website. We are now using 1984 hosting in Iceland to NEVER be banned again by the Jews. This page is really a 'TABLE OF CONTENTS' for my conspiracy views, because people want to know what the Mushrooms told me about the World. I'm not going to waste your time with conspiracy theories that have already been brilliantly exposed by experts on the Internet. Since it's not my main focus, I'd rather confirm my stance on the particular issues in question, but I'll give out links to credibile researchers who have done a much better job.

F.A.Q.'s  MIKE'S NOC LIST (Who You Shouldn't Trust)


1. Was 911 done by the Jews?

The Jews Orchestrated the Entire WTC plot on September 11th 2001. Please check out Eric Hufschmid's Huge Questions

2. Did NASA ever land on the Moon?

This has been throughly exposed by many. Nasa hoax

3. Did the Holocaust happen?

It may surprise you! As it surprised me, but the Holy Mushroom Gods told me that it never happened and that it was never ordered by Hitler either. And the Jews are tricking nations like Italy to sign in to stone holocaust denial laws during suspended elections! The TRUTH doesn't need any laws to protect it! More Info: Click HERE!

Even 1990's Mr. Olympia's DORIAN YATES Isn't Affraid of the Jews - GOOD MAN! Not a Sellout!


4. Did the Jews kill Jesus?

First Thessalonians 2:15 King James Version

5. Does the Vatican control the New World Order?

The Jews would like you to believe these lies to exonerate themselves from their plots against Humanity.

6. Do the Freemasons control the Jews and ALL religions and the NWO?

The Jews would like to control everything, but it's just not possible!

7. Is David Icke right about the Jews being 'Reptilians' ?

Many People can see reptilian beings on the right dose, while smoking DMT. Many have reported it. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT David Icke saw the shapeshifting WITHOUT using DMT or a derivative!

8. Do UFO's or Aliens Exist?

Is it Ironic that every film that's been made so far by Steven Spielberg is the exact opposite of the truth ?

9. Do Nuclear Bombs Actually Exist?

On 9/11 or 11/9/2001(UK date stamp), WTC building no. 7 is considered the best clue that gives it all away. But for the nuke hoax, the best clue or clues are the cities that were supposedly bombed with nuclear weapons, which should be more radioactive than Chernobyl, (another false news HOAX DISASTER). Some of the best Kobe beef (£1,000 quid steaks folks...) comes from both Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They are booming technological and economic cities of today with old traditions still maintained after the bombings. If I ate that expensive steak, will I grow three heads, as the Jews suggest? Maybe nukes don't exist? Fukashima and Three Mile Island are also LIES! According to this article, Japanese people have the longest life spans on the Planet? WHAT? With three nuclear disasters? : Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and Fukashima? Why aren't they ALL radiated and dying of diseases like Leukemia and other cancers? Why can we eat that food and LIVE LONGER? Maybe we all need radiation? Can you see these Jewish lies folks? Are you tired of being a SHEEP? The nuclear hoax also exposes thousands of other lies, and now we can understand ALL of them: The Cuban Missile Crisis, Nuclear Bomb Animations. How about the fact That Israel is no threat to its neighbors, because they can't really unleash a nuclear disaster, and what about the Iran Hoax? Iranians can't get their hands on a bomb because THERE IS NO REAL BOMB TO BEGIN WITH! IT's AN ENTIRE JEWISH DECEPTION AND TRICK to con naive IMBECILES and dictate power through FEAR.

10. Did Dinosaurs Ever Exist?

A lot of neo-nazi's get offended because I deny the Dinosaurs, because they say that I make them(the nazis) look ridiculous, even though I've never claimed to be a nazi myself, but ask yourself: Weren't The INCA's, one of the most advanced ancient civilizations in human history? MACHU PICCHU folks...(been there, DONE THAT, you all need to go!) And Didn't they dig and dig and dig, and spread all over South America? How is it that they couldn't find those Dinosaur bones thousands of years ago? Not even the Spanish found them! ...And then by a stroke of good luck, just at the right time, suddenly they appear, when the Jews want to create and indoctrinate our children with the Standard Dewey Big-Bang Education system, to give credit to the false fossil record theory ??? I think there is something Jewish about the Dinosaurs. I think those bones are forgeries and sculptures, and bones of different Animals like Giraffes Elephants and Rhinos, reshaped, ..... and of course the Mushrooms have confirmed it folks.....Spielberg wouldn't have spent over a billion dollars on his Jurassic Park series for nothing.....It's all about justifying the 'big lie' as shown in most Spielberg films.

11. Is Stonehenge Fake?

I don't agree with everything that Jeran produces but he is DEAD-ON about Stonehenge. Me being Welsh, and a Celt myself I had investigated this more than 20 years ago, even before the photo's were on the internet(I saw them at the library here), but very few tourists or British public remember the footage of the repairs made on Stonehenge or its assembly. Some masonic scholars even claim that in order to build many British Motorways they had to remove Megaliths and celtic artifacts. Stonehenge was a creative way to put them all together to preserve them. So the stones are real but, THEY WERE NOT PUT THERE BY THE ANCIENT DRUIDS or any of that utter bollocks. This is one of those hoaxes like the 'Mystery of the Crop Circles' or how the 'Moai Statues' were carved on Easter Island, or the 'Mystery of the Pyramids'. I think all of these are hoaxes I think the Moai and Pyramids are Real unlike the Crop Circles, but I think the history on them is purposely misleading.

12. Did the Jews Kill John F. Kennedy?

All the people involved in the cover-up are Jews. Do the math here: How Did Abraham Zapruder(Jew) know when to be there at the right time with the correct angle & focus? Was it by pure coincidence? Jack Ruby(another Jew) shoots Lee Harvey Oswald, when Oswald was getting the death penalty anyway? Completely orchestrated by the Jews!

13. Are 99% of the Truth Movement Israeli Psy-Ops?

Unfortunately, we can't trust anyone who wants to guide our opinions. Check out my NOC LIST!

14. Did The REAL Paul McCartney Die in 1966

Some Jew looked at my website recently and had the arrogant balls to email my agent Chris, with the following message: "Thank you nazi cowards for including the "Paul is Dead" Faul hoax on your site. This completely discredits you and your slander against our great people. Long live Israel" - Chaim Ruben

Was that rat message an attempt to get me to retract my statements about Paul McCartney?

Maybe the Jews killed Paul McCartney and we are made to believe it was a car accident? The thing is: His voice changed! Their style changed! They no longer did concerts. Too many coincidences, and the most important fact: Faul doesn't look like the original Paul McCartney at all!

15. Did the Jews Murder Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones?

This one is quite obvious, but it is the MOST covered up and intentionally IGNORED murder case in the history of entertainment.... So many people have been financied to write books about the murder as disinformation to allow the colprits a clean get-away, exploiting the death of great a man and pioneer of British rock culture. Brian Jones is the patron saint of our Psychedelic National Socialists movement, mainly for his martyrdom and confronting the Jews. Check out my Brian Jones Murder Page.

16. Are Sub-Saharian Africans Derived From the Gorrilla or Ape?

This is kind of a stupid one, that was spread by uneducated racists, but it needs answering because I hear it so often, so I will do it here: Black negroes have human DNA period! Although I highly discourage it: They can even produce offspring with non-Africans, thus proving they are not Apes. There are several whites that also look like apes and monkeys and gorillas:

Although it is a funny and amusing joke, This is a horrible position to take if you want to win an intellectual argument.

17. Was Jim Morrison Murdered by The Jews?

The Doors, like the Stones and Beatles, were completely pushed by the Rothschild agents, even their producer was a Rothschild. FACT! :Morrison's father, a famous Vietnam Admiral in the US Navy, wanted to attack Israel for the Bombing of the USS LIberty!Here is a great article to read! Admiral Morrison says, "Jim's moral and ethical standards were very high". However, anything that is written about Jim Morrison by the Jews is completely opposite to his description of his son. They always make him out to be an out-of-control freak, drug addict, or a disrespectful rock star.

18. Is the Earth Flat?

I think Eric Dubay has done a wonderful job explaining why the Earth may be flat. My experience of a 40-hour hellish flight from Peru to Sydney proves the airlines are lying to us. Crossing the bottom hemisphere should have made the flight less than 7 hours.

19. Are Satellites Orbiting around the Globe?

Anyone whose ever worked with... or built hobby microwave transmitters, like I have, knows that GPS is all ground based and can be easily propagated by radar sea-to-sea and mountain-to-mountain. In many of the Welsh mountain ranges, there is ZERO signal strength, because by law to protect the wildlife, towers can't be built there. GPS in space can't find you either! When people get lost in Snowdonia, in 2019, the police still have to do searches with dogs and by foot even though folks have their mobile phones turned on. Why? Orbit has never been proven. Solid objects can't remain in the atmosphere, unless they had the same density of clouds and other gases. Pure JEWISH bollocks and lies folks..... HOLLYWOOD! What goes up must come down! If you have ever seen that Apple Maps van in the UK? It is similar to the TV license tax van and Google maps van. If they have satellites positioning and taking shots of our streets, why do they need these vans? BECAUSE IT'S GROUND BASED FOLKS.........

20. Are the Jews destroying the Rainforests?

Can you imagine having this great dream as a child of visiting Mother Nature’s rare gems like: Africa, the Amazon, and the Indian jungles, only to find out that the Jews have: exploited the resources, murdered most of the inhabitants, commercialised and replaced its natural beauty with luxury hotels and shopping centres, and forced out the original traditional natives, who were never meant to live, work or survive a Western type of lifestyle, into the urban areas, thus creating unnecessary poverty? 99.9% of the international corporations destroying our rainforests are OWNED by Jewish people.

IT'S THEM FOLKS!.....WAKE UP! and Yes they are in the Green Party too, pretending to give a damn, but why do these rats need to destroy Mother Earth? Check out my rainforest page for further answers!

21. Do the Jews Literally have Rodent DNA?

I would say: 'NO!' ... but The Mushroom Gods are strongly convinced that the Jews are rats. It is a strange thing to believe, because they are 90% human, but I guess there is some rat or mouse DNA or different genome inside of the Ashkenazi. It could be this genetic blueprint which allows them to shapeshift into Reptiles. I've always wondered why they just don't shapeshift into the rats that they are? Maybe David Icke will explain it in his upcoming book?

22. Is 'The Islamic Republic of Iran' controlled by Israel?

The Shia or 'Shi'ite' Moslems have never been this powerful or prosperous in their ENTIRE 1300-year-old history and evolution UNTIL NOW, thanks to: ..... 'TA-DA'...! : The State of Israel and the imprisonment of the Sunni Hanafi Palestinians. The Shia and Wahhabi are both fringe sects of Islam that only gained popularity and powers in the second half of the 20th century. Wahhabi's identify themselves as Sunni's (supposedly as a splinter branch of Ibn Hanbal), but in reality they are not REAL Sunni Moslems or mainstream Moslems, in any sharia kind of way, but......they are hoping to be accepted as such and to dominate the Islamic World...... On the other hand, The Shia control Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. When have they ever had that much power? Thanks to Israel! The Wahhabis control the entire Arabian pensinsula. Thanks to Israel! It seems that Israel is GREATEST THING THAT'S EVER HAPPENED for these two once persecuted minority sects of Islam! And I think BOTH are grateful and will do anything to help Israel pursue its agenda in the Middle East......Check out my IRAN HOAX for more information.... Mike Llywellyn

23. Are MOST of The Neo-Nazi Leaders and White Nationalist Groups Run by Jewish Rats and Israel ?

I would say just about ALL of them are! Think about it: You are fighting a very POWERFUL enemy who works by deception, and all of these groups are turning away people who, by their large numbers (MORE THAN HALF THE WORLD TO BE EXACT!), could help them eliminate the Jews, such as the Hispanics, Blacks, Moslems, Chinese, Japanese and other ethnicities. HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? White separatism REALLY equals: 'defeat'! ... And who are we calling 'whites'? Most Italians look as brown as Mexicans yet, WE HAVE TO INCLUDE THEM AS WHITES, because then we would lose the Colosseum, Venice, Florence, Michaelangelo, and the Roman Empire (which inspired Facism to begin with) But they are technically BROWN! TAN! whatever! We'll just say they are white! Did you know the NSDAP, had Black Soldiers, Indian Soldiers, Tibetan Soldiers, And Bosnian Moslem Soldiers? Today's neo-nazi's are hiding that history from their followers to produce this idiotic White Pride movement, that has ONLY helped the Jews become more powerful. Look at me: I am a White, Blonde haired and blue eyed person who loves Hitler, yet these white pride groups who reject me, and their leaders ALL have black hair, dark skin, etc... They all look like Jews! Does that make any real sense? Lots of folks don't know that people with dark brown or black hair started shaving their heads to hide the fact that they weren't REAL Aryans. That was the origin of the Nazi Skinhead movement. I should have the right to create my own white pride movement! Nobody will follow me, because I am NOT a Jew infiltrator, who can organize impossible events magically. Think about it, these people all have Wikipedia pages, which are impossible to create without a Jew journalist, who authorizes them to remain on Wikipedia. If you create a page for yourself on Wikipedia, and you are locally famous and you have done theater, and concerts, and everyone knows you: You also do hours and hours of volunteer work, cleaning the national parks and cleaning the Beach fronts, and you are in the local newspapers as an environmental hero, WIKIPEDIA or Jewkipedia will remove the article written about you. But these neo-nazi nobodies get promoted by Wikipedia for doing nothing! I am not jealous folks...... I am pointing out the truth: The dark skinned, dark haired, so-called WHITE nationalist leaders are agents of deception. I have never seen a 'red-head' or 'blonde' white nationalist leader or neo-nazi leader. I think the reason they chose darker peoples to be nazi leaders is to fool us into not being able to recognize who is a Jew.

24. Are Europeans, Superior Human Beings?

European Superiority (not white supremacy) is self-evident. It doesn't need to be preached! All other races are superior in their own particular ways but no race on the Earth is as good at organization and finishing set tasks as Europeans and that's why Europe is such a lovely place and has so many achievements, monuments, etc. In fact, Europeans value preserving culture and unique traditions. We want all races to succeed and maintain their unique and beautiful cultures in their own countries. Europeans are not superior in spirituality at all! I find that native Americans and Indians are superior in spirituality. I find that the Japanese are superior in many industrial practices that are 1000's of years old, much more than Europeans, and the Japanese are cleaner hygienically than Europeans. The Japanese also live longer than the rest of Human Beings, so they are superior in longevity too! Africans are better at everything physical, except water and snow sports. The Jews are always seeking to prove themselves to the World, and they can do many things we can do, but they are not better than us at all. The Jews are lazy! They have no achievements and no monuments that prove their superiority and that's why they must destroy other races, the Notre Dame Cathedral, etc... They are jealous of the rest of humanity! The only monument the Jews claim to have, wasn't even built by them: Auschwitz. It was built by Germans, and it's story is based on lies. I've heard many Jews boast about a planned destruction of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and they hope to use Israeli Mossad dressed as Moslems to do it, to start a race war. LET'S HOPE THEY FAIL! Oi Vey...

25. Will Jesus SAVE US from the Jews?

26. Do Most Gentile Green Party Members Eventually Get Fed Up With The Jews ?

Here is how that happens: Concerned members of the public who are tired of littering and vandalism eventually look to join 'clean-up' organizations, like myself... Well, the Jews have cleverly created an organization to channel these peoples' anger: It's called the Green Party! Unfortunately, for the Jews, once the gentile goy members discover the truth about the Jew's disgusting behavior, and how the mega-billionaire Jews are behind 99.9% of the hazardous pollution, deforestation and trash floating in the sea, MOST OF THEM if not ALL OF THEM, BECOME HITLER WORSHIPPERS. Who really remains behind in that party is interesting: They are the sellouts, who will lie for political and social climbing aims. They aren't the one's getting their hands dirty, cleaning toxic wastes on the beach, or some idiot's automobile 'oil change' leftover in our national parks, which I find quite often. If you were a volunteer, please don't join a racist organization, because those are also run by the same Jewish rats secretly. If it's on Wikipedia, ITS JEWISH FOLKS.....

27. Did The Jews Try To Alter Our DNA With Government-Forced Vaccines ?

28. Do Moslem Grooming Gangs Really Exist in the UK?