The Western Media produces images of Mullahs, extremists, missiles and 'hideous ugly witches with mustaches in chadours', but in reality, once you arrive in Iran, you are given 'free heroin' and a 'blowjob' by some hottest whores in the country at the hotels. They're NOT ugly folks! You have my word as a Welshman! They look like Southern Europeans. 'I had no idea it was a drug haven for Western tourists?' This is supposedly an Islamic Republic? With Legal Prostitution and drugs? It seemed to me to be a hippies' paradise. Iran is Woodstock on steriods! The Iranian government has to constantly prove to its population that the Islamic Republic of Iran are the so-called enemies of the American and Israeli regimes, in the same way that the American media and government need to show their own citizens that they are the enemies of terrorism, when in fact the secret leadership and oligarchy of Iran, are truly the puppets of the Israelis, and the Israeli Jews are actually the creators of the terrorists. I mean... Let's face it folks, 'How hard is it to go and ask to join a terrorist organization ?'. It's like winning the national lottery (another hoax)! Adam Gadan, on the other hand, being a Jewish rat, got into the highest tier of the Taliban? How is that possible? Why can't a normal 'everyday' type of person become a famous terrorist, or Rock Star or Actor, Or Scientist. Is seems you have to be a Jew to play this role? ..... And the slightest suggestion that the Islamic Republic of Iran is INFACT a Satellite state of Israel, which we will proove quite easily here, can land the average, curious, and internet-surfing Iranian citizen in prison for life or executed for treason. So this is a secret that is ILLEGAL to question in Iran, kind of like questioning the Holocaust in Germany today. I will also show how this Hoax which is related to the Nuclear Bomb Hoax is being to used to benefit both sides. No Conspiracy theorist is exposing this on the internet, except me and my brother, because we went to Iran, not intentionally as Tourists, but as a rock band, invited for a 'Rock Against Zionism' show in Tehran in the late 1990's, which never fruited anything, except prison, fines, and coming home broke! Probably one of the best & worst experiences of my entire life.

How Did LLYWELLYN get in Iran?

Here's my story: This is a TRUE story. I was a student in London at the time, ironically at Goldsmiths University in Lewisham. London is pretty much a cosmopolitan and multicultural metropolis. At the time, our band was doing heavy metal music, especially Thrash metal. Nothing near the music of Llywellyn today. Of course I was in the Green party movement. Greenpeace to be exact. There were Iraqi and Iranian students who constantly invited me to an Iranian mosque in Holland Park for their celebrations. I went there a few times, because they came to our concerts. So it was done more as an exchange to show respect to them, because they were nice people, and they always invited us to dinner too. Well, one night, we meet an Iranian diplomat, he said that he wanted to have some bands from the UK do a 'Rock Against Zionism Concert' because we had songs that criticised some of the atrocities against the Palestinians. At the time I still believed in the Holocaust, and I was still friendly with many Jews. This was NOT the Psychedelic Mike Llywellyn that the World knows today. I had some reservations about going to Iran. My main fear was being held hostage like they often show on the tele.

One day, after heavy drinking, we finally agreed to do the show, as long as the Islamic Republic paid for it all (airlines, food, hotels). The first thing we decided was to ship the Band equipment to Tehran, so that we wouldn't have to clear customs there, when arriving in airport. So we got diplomatic visas and permisson from the Iranian Embassy in London. The tickets arrived and we headed on over to Iran to meet our host. After we were greeted by our host, I was informed that our equipment(i.e. the Sound System, guitars, drums, my bass) was STILL in inspection by the Iranian police and customs. So we decided to just enjoy ourselves at the hotel and take a walk in the City, which was much larger than what we imagined. Let me first begin by saying there were many Heredi Hasidic Jews in Tehran. Everywhere with little kippah hats walking around like they owned the place. Now here comes 'the kicker':

We saw drug addicts all over place in Tehran. Used needles everywhere on the streets and people laying, drugged out of their minds. I had NEVER done heroin in my life. My first impression was, 'What the fuck?' and 'Isn't this an Islamic country?' Then these people who the Iranians claimed were Turkomen Afghanis came up to us and gave us FREE HEROIN! I swear to God this happened! It was an a sign of generosity by them. I tried to give it back, but the men ran away. So here I am with my band and we're walking around downtown Tehran with illegal drugs. Of course I threw it in the rubbish bin. We get back to the hotel, very tired It's midnight and I have horrible jet lag. 'Knock knock'..... at my hotel room door, walks in a very attactive women in Western nightclub clothing. She looked like a black-haired version of Claudia Schiffer, very skinny. We were warned to not EVER touch the local Moslem women, because it could result in the death penality for them and us. So, remembering this, I tried to talk her out of it, but she smothered me. When I woke up, she was gone. END OF STORY!

Next day we tried again to get our items out of the Iranian customs to no avail. So now I am angry! I didn't come here to get drugged and a new girlfriend. I came to Iran to rock against Zionism. I called the man who organized the event, and asked him to help get our things out of the customs. So the next day, he came to the airport, and the Iranian police took him away. He came back and told us that we needed to pay the customs fee's to have our equipment for tommorrow's show. He didn't have any money left. So my father had to send me Western Union money. I told my Dad it was an emergency. At first, the corrupt Policeman said it would cost around 600 UK pounds to release our equipment, but it would take a week to get cleared, and we wouldn't be able to do the show. So then he offered to release everything the same afternoon if I paid him 2000 Pounds. Which was almost the value of everything at the time. So I paid the money, because I was now eager to get the hell out of Iran as soon as possible. What a corrupt banana republic this was! We took everything back to the Hotel. It was a whole day affair!

Let's talk about the show! These Iranian kids show up wearing the latest Metallica, Mega Deth, Anthrax, and Iron Maiden T-Shirts. Wait a second here? Where are they buying these T-shirts from? It seems there is an underground black market of Western goods, CDs in Iran. They were very well knowledged on the wonderful life achievements of James Hetfield, like having read an article from the latest Metal Edge magazine. Hetfield this and Hetfield that, and Hetfield cooked in a restaurant to pay for his guitars. James Hetfield was more important to them than the Prophet Mohammad. The best thing about this experience were the kids. They sincerely believed in metal and justice for the Palestinians. What is ironic is that they loved America too and American metal, not knowing that some of their favourite bands had Jewish people in them. This proves the powers of music to break cultural norms. And the kids knew we weren't famous. We were frauds...folks. Just an insignificant band who agreed to do a concert in a supposedly rogue Islamic nation, that had been accused by the Jews of being the World's Largest State Sponsor of Terrorism. BULLSHIT!........ I got drugs, I got laid, and now I have more fans in Iran than I ever had in the UK..... So they ENJOYED our music..... and then The Police come again..... And we are arrested and forced to leave the country, leaving all of our things there. The UK Embassy paid for our release and we recieved tickets to return home. That's Iran in a nutshell!