I am pretty much tired of running back to my school friends who ignore me and hate me (they are probably jealous of me, because they turned out to be jobless losers) for exposing the truth about the World we live in. I sick of the Communist hypocrites who blindly support their cult. Let's talk about this folks. It's pretty disgusting!

1. Our High School friends are supporting people like Vince Cable, Clinton, or Barry Sanders, only because they believe it will advance their careers. It is never a question of whether it is right or wrong. They are blind social climbers, who would sell us too, for 30 pieces of silver, if they were asked to, in exchange for power, a career, or a big house, or a nice car. Materialists they are! They are the real CAPITALISTS folks..... And they wave their poor flag and claim to be minimalists for acceptance into the left-wing cults of power and prestige. YOU DON'T NEED FRIENDS LIKE THIS! STOP SEEKING THEIR APPROVAL AND FIND PEOPLE WHO ARE LIKE-MINDED TO BRING ON OUR PSYCHEDELIC REVOLUTION!

2. The Left and liberals claim to champion freedom and freedom of consciousness, yet limiting FREE SPEECH, doesn't bother them! You could write Encyclopedia's on their hypocrisy and censorship. They allow only the most vile and sexually degrading, debaucherous material as examples of so-called free speech, when really it is the exploitation of natural human sexual instincts, so that the Jews can make an endless profit. Your Children can watch every perversion on the internet, but they can't see alternative views or posts on whether or not the Holocaust has been exaggerated. And that is the Kosher internet that the Jews envision! The Left are the greatest abusers of our liberties, and that's why a Psychedelic revolution is inevitable if we are to protect our freedom. The dangerous materials, which inspire REAL LIFE CRIME, such as violent horror movies and pornography should be banned too, BUT THEY ARE JEWISH, so they will always remain.

3. What about the FAKE environmentalists, who ignore that fact, that their sponsors, are the greatest causers of pullution, deforestation, and global destruction of this planet. ...BUT they appeal to Mother Nature, and point fingers to show us the perils of industrialization, which they themselves are responsible for. We don't see it anymore because it has been moved over to China. So the next time you see an ad for BP telling you to respect the environment, think to yourself..: 'Bollocks! Who are they, to tell me to respect the environment? Aren't they the one's selling Petrol and contributing to the non-stop rise of greenhouse gases?' And what about all of those Green party folks with the green party tattooes and Sea Watch, who enjoy paid 'marijuana smoking' adventures on Soros cruise ships, while the rest of the real volunteers are stuck picking up endless trash in the national parks? Why is it that you get promoted for helping bring-in illegal immigrants, yet you are degraded at the dead-end if you clean National Parks, Forests, and the Beaches? That makes no sense to a sane person, but it makes a lot of sense to the Jew World Order of Chaos and Pollution.

4. Let move on to the Left's denial, and how they convienently ignore the tearful fact that communism was responsible for the deaths of 100,000,000 lives. They are NOT apologetic about it, proving themselves to be sick in the head, cold-blooded, narcissistic and without compassion. Terence McKenna himself has admitted that it was deplorable, but there are few in the liberal left-wing movements that will acknowledge the genocidal crimes of the Jewish led Soviet regime. "The Holodomor or 'Ukrainian man-made Starvation Genocide' is a right-wing myth," according to many Holocaust Jews who support Communism. Hollywood Jews are surpressing the works of Michael Kingsbury, BUT EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH AND BUY ALL HIS FILMS, which document the mass killings of the Russians and Ukrainians during the reign of Bolshevism, under the orders of Jewish mastermind, Lazar Kaganovich :