by Tim O'Malley


I was in several “national socialist themed” punk rock bands when I was a teenager in Texas. We used to do thrash metal covers of old Skrewdriver and Misfits songs, and at the time, circa 1988, there was no internet, so It wasn’t possible to find out if the big musical instrument store chains and franchises had Jewish owners. As many of you know, part of this battle, includes starving the rats to end their power and monopoly over American businesses.

Today’s topic is about boycotting musical instruments made by Jews and also Jewish owned mega-businesses that are driving away competition from small business owners. I am talking about Sam Ash Music and Guitar Center!

Guitar Center is owned by Zionist Jew, Tony Ressler. The Jews’ monopoly over the musical instrument industry allows them to promote the guitarists they want people to know about, such as other Jews and Jewish owned bands and Jewish owned musicial instrument companies like Gibson. Guitar Center also owns many subsidiaries like Musicians Friend, which you should also avoid. Try a better alternative to smash these Jewish rats, like Sweetwater. You can trust Sweetwater!

Sam Ash was founded in New York by Samuel Ashkynase. He shortened his name to hide the fact that he is an Ashkenazi Chabad Jew. Don’t spend your money at Sam Ash. They are Zionist Jews, and they support AIPAC. Go to a local Mom and Pop music store and ask them to order directly from the manufacturers the products you want. If you want to try a guitar or other product at either Sam Ash or Guitar Center, that’s fine. Just don’t buy it from them. Buy it online or used and you’ll save money. Forget those Jewish showroom instruments. They don’t really guarantee them anyway. The Jew is tricking you into spending more money by adding an extended warranty that you don’t need!

MIKE RESPONDS: Part of the racket of the mainstream music industry is selling bad quality instruments to a poor/ middle-class gullible public. Everybody gets fooled by this rock star phenomenon, and their own kids are programmed by Jewish MTV. The reality is that, it's completely rigged! Even if you were Mozart or a child prodigy, the Jews need to vet you, and your family would need to pay tens of millions of pounds/dollars of investments just in advertisements and publicity. Have you ever wondered why bad music that nobody likes gets radio play, even though no one actually goes out to buy that song? The Jew is pushing that bad song on the public because there are millions of pounds promoting it, even though it sucks! Becoming a rock star, is like running for President. Naive people buy-in to the Jewish trick of having the same instrument as the current Jew-promoted rockstar, to sound like that musician. Thus, the mainstream Jew promoted rockstar becomes the infinite peddler of the main Jewish brands of Musical Instruments and other accessories. The guitar itself is a strange phenomenon! It is absolutely inferior to the sound of the lute, and has fewer repertoire for it, yet, because the Jews have pushed guitars on everyone, people are distracted. European lute music and songs have almost a 500-year history and numerous old tablatures. The guitar on the other hand has a very limited amount of historical music written for it. Mostly in the 19th century. The guitar is a limited instrument, where as a lute has numerous double courses, and a shorter neck allowing for a large soundboard, making it effortless to play difficult counterpoint passes and complex harmonies. On the classical guitar, this can be somewhat done, but it is far more difficult to get the same sound as a lute, and those pieces eventually need to be reduced to allow a limited guitarist to play them correctly.