Do Moslem Grooming Gangs Really Exist?


Well folks... we have been bamboozled again by the Zionist Jews. Now that the Mossad-sponsored, black-haired Jew, Mark A. Collett has been informed of my article that criticizes him, he is sending his hordes out there to attack me and harass my agent. Mark hopes to quietly shove my accusations about him, ‘under the rug’, so to say.

They are now calling me a ‘traitor to the white race’ for denying the Moslem grooming gangs, a moslem-lover because I follow cricket, and ‘the new Mike Delaney’, because of my support for the philosopher, Eric Hufschmid, who according to them ‘got caught misleading people of the Bollyn kidnapping, which I will get to, in the later part of this page.

Again, it’s ironic how many of these so-called ‘white-nationalist’ leaders, who all have Wikipedia pages, mind-you, are willing to trust and defend the same mainstream media, who lies to us on a daily basis, with its articles, written mostly by dishonest Jews, who deliberately focus our attention away from Zionism and direct us towards the non-existent Moslem grooming gangs here in Britain, never questioning whether or not these women are real or genuine victims of a rape, or just another lot of Jewish crisis actors and actresses. The white nationalists pick and choose who serve their interests as crisis actors, such as those in the Boston Marathon Bombing, Las Vegas massacre, or Sandy Hook, but they NEVER question if these women being raped are real people or crisis actors too! Why are they ignoring investigations of these women? What is with all of these cowardly so-called white British men? If someone raped one of my daughters, or my wife, and they were from the Islamic community, I’d machine-gun the entire moslem temple myself, and I wouldn’t care about going to prison. How do we know it's fake ? : There’s no REAL anger folks! An accusation of an organized religous community involved in the raping of young British females, is a serious affair. The reason no one is really interested in defending the honour of our future British mothers, is because this is false news and its being created by the Israelis, in Britain, most of the time. Think about it: Most of the Moslem Paks I know, are almost half my physical height. I could probably lift three of them in my arms because they are so skinny and weak. Most British women can defend themselves too. But Here’s who Mark, the twat, Collett and his followers are afraid of (Most paks look like miniature men and weigh close to 7 stone): Folks... we have seen this before! The best examples are the so-called paedophile Roman Catholic priests, who, when you hear mentioned in the Zionist controlled news, you cringe in disgust....But, if you actually do a private investigation, door-to-door, you’ll never find Father-so-and-so, or the paedophile victims. Why is that? I am not saying there are not real cases of Catholic paedophilia! There most certainly are, but they are very rare, and just as rare as so-called Moslem Terrorism.

This hoax is actually based on what Islamic sharia permits as lawful, during a Moslem Jihad. By this, we mean taking enemy ‘concubines’ as spoils of war. Islamic people who are in Jihad against Great Britain, may deem it lawful to kidnap British women to use as sex slaves. The Jews have an Identical law in their Talmud concerning the gentile women. Is Great Britain really at war with the Moslem people, to justify the Islamacists use of ‘grooming gangs’? The answer is a strong ‘NO’ ! Furthermore, the term ‘grooming gang’ comes from India, concerning the revenge rapes between the Sikhs and Hindu peoples. It has nothing to do with Islam, but the term is deliberately misleading to trick the British public into further ignorance with the wrong terminology. Moslems, especially the Turks, had harems full of concubines, not grooming gangs. ... And let me add that the Turks were rarely citizens of other nations.

Furthermore, we have had cases here in Wales of grooming gangs, mostly in the South. But there was a case close to me. And as a concerned father of three beautiful blonde daughters, I quickly ran my own investigations, and spent my own money driving around town to find out more information from the police. So, one of these cases in Cardiff, turned out to be real, but the whole story was wrong. There was a drunken woman, who got raped by two Jamaican blokes, and one of those Jamaicans was also on trial, ironically enough, for raping a Moslem lady too. But the Jewish controlled press turned it quickly into a Moslem grooming gang rape, because they had dark skin and it suited the press’s interest to create more fear of the Moslem community. Thus, it was assumed by the Welsh public, Defense League and white nationalists, that they were Moslems. Well, we found out that they were in fact Christian Jamaicans folks.... That’s some really FAKE news out there! Watch Out! Don’t trust any woman or article being promoted by the mainstream news. Do your own research before believing in this Moslem grooming gang hoax.

Let me get to the case close to me: There was a Welsh woman, with a real name who was in the newspapers, so I decided to contact her and ask how I could protect my own daughters. It turns out that she had no police report, and couldn’t prove that she talked to the police. She invented the whole thing folks.... Now, this is both 'classic' defamation by false witness and false testimony! My fear, and the reason I wrote this webpage, is that, if people cry wolf for too long, when something really bad happens, no one will believe the real victims anymore. And that's another reason why the Jews promote the fake news.

This lady was not a Jewish paid crisis actor. She was a person who had read other stories of grooming gangs on the internet (like those written by Mark A.Collett), and she wanted to be part of the movement to stop it, so she INVENTED her own rape story, but had no police report to back it up. She made herself into a useful idiot for the Jews, because she wanted attention, recognition, and acceptance from the white pride community (who she believed was genuine), and some temporary fame. Who knows folks? Maybe a lot of these rapes are happening BUT the men committing the crimes are Jews themselves, hired by Jews or undercover Mossad agents, and they may be threatening the women after the rapes occur, in an attempt to create a genuine sounding story and to obviously frame the Moslems.

Folks! .... If you do this, you will get CAUGHT! There are concerned British people out there in the public, that will run a private investigation of their own. We have to also blame the media for running false news articles in hopes to create a race war, but I really blame people like Mark A. Collett, the most, who is absolutely creating this artificial fear. My advice is to seek the Police report! DEMAND THE PROOF AND EVIDENCE! Get the hospital statements! Most of these cases are FALSE. What Moslem in his right mind would want to risk his future, consciously raping the host nations women? TOTAL BOLLOCKS! This is something out of a Jewish fairytale. Why would a Moslem give credibity to the Jews and decide to make enemies with Britain, when really he has no where else to go? This is an island folks.... It's not easy to escape!

The Bollyn Kidnapping

The so-called white nationalists are going out-of-their-way to prove that Bollyn is NOT kidnapped. Let me draw your attention to the fact That all the people who are saying Bollyn is a free man, are all the same Zionist agent truth movement people and white supremacists, who have already been caught as gatekeepers. So why would you trust them? If you knew Christopher Bollyn, and you remember some private conversations you had with him, that only both of you would know, then email him and ask him about it. You will find that Bollyn can’t respond correctly. I have several old email exchanges with Chris. He doesn’t remember me at all these days. I don’t think that is Chris responding to his emails. It must be someone else. How could someone just forget you like that, when you sent donations several times? It has also happened between me and Andrew Anglin, who used to have an Alan Watt forum, called the Outlaw Forum. I had sent Anglin several donations to the Phillipines via Paypal and Western Union. But the new Daily Stormer Anglin, doesn’t remember me. Maybe it’s not him folks.... Be Careful! Don’t assume that the people you think you are communicating with are the real people behind the name. A lot of them are imposters, and the real person has either been kidnapped or killed.