Let me first tell you a real life story of my personal experiences being fired:

I have never been fired by a Jew! Ironically, I have always been fired by normal non-Jewish people who thought they were 'doing good' by reporting me to the General Manager for 'having racist political views' and weird websites on my office computer at work, that someone had illegally accessed when I was away at lunch.

These people believed that they were doing good for the company and presented themselves as 'great humanitarians' for standing up to that evil, racist green nazi, Mike Llywellyn. So I was fired! .......

Well, two days later..... What do you know... phone rings... Its the GENERAL MANAGER, apologizing and asking, literally begging me to return to work, also GIVING ME A RAISE for returning? He even moved me into another part of the office building so that I wouldn't have to confront those folks who reported me. When I asked the GM, why did they want me back? ........ OHHHH "Because you are a fast programmer and problem solver with knowledge of a wide range of programming languages that are now obsolete but very useful because they are RARE we couldn't find an expert of the older microcontrollers"

I studied Fortran, Basic, Turbo Pascal folks.... even though these days, I am using only Visual Basic, C++, Ruby and Python. Five years later, those useful idiot 'Jew and Holocaust' promoters GOT SACKED! SO... WHAT IS THE MORAL OF THIS STORY?

Very Easy! If you have special skills WHICH NO ONE ELSE HAS? You'll NEVER get fired for exposing the Holohoax and other Jewish lies. In fact, not even the Jews can afford to lose you! Make sure you chose an honorable vacant profession in which you are a useful and unique contributor to the improvement of society and technology. and never fear being fired!

Watch out from people on Twitter, who don't use their real photo, because they are probably Jews. There is NO REASON to hide from anyone in 2019. All of our data is completely traceable anyways. The governments, Technology firms, and Jews have seen my face on the internet. I can't hide myself or my real name, AND NEITHER CAN YOU. Your IP address is connected to a service which reveals the billing address, which in turn reveals you to the Jews. It is no use hiding! Say what you want about these rats, without fear. Dorian Yates isn't affraid of them either. Neither is Mel Gibson. The Jews can't fool anyone. And there is no reason to hide yourself or your views! You're going to die anyway. You might as well go down in honor, than as a coward who wasn't brave enough to tell the Jews to behave themselves and leave our nations in peace.