Recreational Drug Use

Do We Support Recreational Drug Use?

Not at all! We call on all Psychedelic warriors of freedom, to use Psychedelics only when necessary and with the utmost care and responsibility. You should never do it in a bad mood or around others, or in public places. Real authentic LSD is the only processed Psychedelic we support, because of its harmlessness even in large doses.. All other synthetic Psychedelics, including PCP, Ketamine & MDMA are denounced by the Psychedelic National Socialist Party! All stimulent drugs like cocaine, we denounce! All opoids are banned (like Heroin, Morphine). We also denounce Cannabis use, Hashish, or Marijuana. We denouce ALL addictive substances! This is not a hippy movement or an excuse to abuse drugs. This movement is about destroying the Jews' power of Blackmailing the Goyim, with sex slaves, paedophiles, money, Hollywood careers, and other forms of corruption. Datura is allowed only as an external ointment!

Ayahuwasca is usually a tea that you drink with a shaman present, or in a ceremony. It is NOT recreational. Only an experienced Psychedelic user is recommended to do it alone. Mescaline is fine, but can be dangerous.

Psilocybin Mushrooms are the safest, and that's why we recommend them the most above all other Psychedelic substances.