If so-called ‘whites’ were the SUPERIOR race as claimed by white nationalists, why would they need your donations? If they really wanted to warn us for our own benefit, shouldn’t the information be free in order to spread the good news to others? Doesn’t this seem odd? : If WHITES are superior, they’d also be superior in business, education and hard labour. But these suckers, who are on the public purse are not interested in getting real jobs, they need your money and your address, probably because they want to report us to the Jewish organizations to help get us booted from our jobs. A real white nationalist movement would be able to fund itself. Further proof that these folks may be working for MI5, the Mossad or both.

Do Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Mark A. Collett work for the Jewish Crime Network?

It seems that they do. Andy had confessed to being Jewish to Daryl Bradford Smith, but since now... he has retracted his claim.... And Mark has the typical facial features, nose and skin color of an Ashkenazi Chabad Jew, not a White Englishman from Leeds. He might as well be casted for a remake of the 1940 Fritz Hippler film, Der Ewige Jude, as a Polish ghetto man in Gentile disguise 'with .......and without a beard'. What is their real agenda? These people ALL have something in common: They all seek to divide the Jew’s enemies! They 'conveniently' push the blame on Moslems, instead of fighting the corrupt Jews, Politicians, and government laws that brought the migrants in. Isn’t it funny how no one of important status ever dies in a terrorist attack? Wouldn’t it make more sense for moslems and white nationalists to join hands in defeating the Jewish Crime Network? Mark and Andy keep on reminding us how powerful the Jews are in Britain, when the truth is that the Jew’s are failing. Everyone and their grandmother knows the Jews are guilty. The truth is that the Jews have lost the power they once had in the United Kingdom, so they need their useful idiots to promote race wars in hope that the Jews can once dominate our lovely Isles.

The real truth is that it is more convenient for a coward to blame the weak than it is to blame the strong.

Don’t give your money to them! Save your money for your family! If you are afraid of ‘grooming gangs’, go to the Police, get lessons in martial arts or self-defense, carry mace pepper spray. Accompany your young daughters if necessary. I have three daughters of my own who I need to protect. The real agenda of Andrew and Mark is to stir extreme hatred in Britain to give the Jews their victory. They are collecting the names of angry whites and creating the atmosphere of paranoia for the Jew’s planned Race Wars. Go tell Andy and Mark to go and get real jobs!