Daryl Bradford Smith is a Killer!

by Tim O’Malley


I am a stenographer from San Antonio in Texas, USA. I actually work in a Courtroom. I decided to write this audio ( for the hearing impaired, and people who can't listen at work), because it reveals that we’ve all been deceived by Daryl Bradford Smith, and the Zionist-paid white nationalists who continue to support him! My intentions are to prevent a future murder like the Spielberg film, "Minority Report" I am sick of hearing the defense of this traitor from others. Please note that this is OLD NEWS back from 2007, my article was mysteriously deleted from the internet blogs and Wordpress, but I have decided to give it to Llywellyn. I just hope it doesn’t get removed again!

The dialogue is numbered like a Bible and I have highlighted in *BOLD red* font the death threats and interesting bits, so you can skip down to the sections while downloading the audio.

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MIKE RESPONDS: 'I actually think the most interesting part of the whole audio, and the part that should not be over-looked are: both comments of AUDIO 3: '72' and '74', in which, Smith tells, an honest and credible 9-11 researcher, Eric Hufschmid, to lie and make-up things. That's exactly what the Jews do! And this may have been Smith's plan from the beginning: 'TO DISCREDIT Eric Hufschmid, 911 Truth, and Kastron'. We are lucky Eric recorded these telephone conversations! I think all the crypto-Jew conspiracy theorists have this mentality to lie to get their views across so that the Jews can dominate the discorse.


1 Eric: This is a guy that says... The guy that in Sweden who says he was at.... Bollyn stayed at his house?

2 Daryl B. Setters: : Yeah, he said that you talked to Bollyn, and he ..not only he.... Bollyn called you...and he’s got the phone records to prove he called you.

3 Eric: ....And He called Me more than twice?

4 Daryl B. Setters: : He called you three times he said.

5 Eric: Three times? Wah.. Did the first time, did I answer?

6 Daryl B. Setters: : I have no idea.

7 Eric: Well if he called me once, and I didn’t answer... then he called me two times. ...an... That’s what ...he called me ... two times. So tell him to send the records. That’s all I say.. ‘Cause it could be that he saw the three phone calls, and the first it didn’t answer, and he got a phone..ah ..answering machine.

8 Daryl B. Setters: : Well...aa... Here’s the deal, and this is between you and me. because we’ve been doing this a long time together. You have to come out and and and SLAM BOLLYN EVERY WAY YOU CAN! And and in support of me! Every way you can! No compromises, if you don’t,.... I want parting from our ...from our relationship.

9 Eric: But want do you mean? Slam him?

10 Daryl B. Setters: : Whatever the fuck you need to do to make this Son-of-a-Bitch be crippled by the shit he’s doing. Aaa... I’m talking about a full court press! On this guy I talking about whatever it is you know about him. Whatever it is you can say about him. Whatever it is you can do about him, you need to do now. And if you can’t do that Eric. We’ve got to go! I’ve gotta go!

11 Eric: Why, what’s the deal?

12 Daryl B. Setters: : The deal... The deal is simple! Okay! This guy’s trying to fuck me!

13 Eric: Who, Bollyn, or the guy in Sweden

14 Daryl B. Setters: : Bollyn is trying to fuck me! And and and... if you don’t come to my aid right now... we’re done!

15 Eric: He’s not doing anything. He just put a picture..

16 Daryl B. Setters: : No... no... he had a guy named Phillips write some shit. He’s writing shit. It’s a bunch of shit. I want you to come out and...

17 Eric: That Phillip guy is complaining about me not you.

18 Daryl B. Setters: : No it’s not complaining just about you. It’s about me too. Anything that happens about him and you and me is about me. You need to come out and start fucking smacking this guy with the truth. That’s it! And if you don’t do it Eric, I need to part company with you. Listen to me!

19 Eric: I’m Listening!

20 Daryl B. Setters: : You’re not listening! I’m done man!

21 Eric: But I looked at..his....

22 Daryl B. Setters: : Well Wait a minute! Goddamn it! You’re not listening just stop talking and listen for a minute.

23 Eric: Ok ok go ahead!

24 Daryl B. Setters: : Just listen... I’ve had it man! This cocksucker is trying to fuck me and you’re not supporting me. There’s nothing you’ve done to support me! And unless and until you..start fucking supporting me, you’re finished with me! Do you understand that?

25 Eric: Yes yes

26 Daryl B. Setters: : ...Well... Get it... goddamn it!

27 Eric: Wait..a minute.

28 Daryl B. Setters: : Listen to me! Wait a minute! Don’t fucking talk! Eric.. This is done with me. I’ve had it with this fucking guy Bollyn. You introduced me to this Son of a Bitch. You had him come into my fucking house. You had him shit all over my fucking world! And now you’ve got him fucking my life up! And it ain’t gonna happen. And either you come to my aid, or get the fuck out of my life. And I told you over and over... It wasn’t REAL! And you said YES IT IS! You weren’t listening to me, were you?

29 Eric: When you said what.....

30 Daryl B. Setters: : Well listen to me now: LISTEN TO ME NOW! ... man . Listen to me now: This guy is fucking me on the internet! ... And if you don’t start supporting me, with everything you got, WE ARE DONE! I’m fighting the war without a partner right now! And you know something Eric, you fucking deferred for this cunt! And you better not do that for me! Because I know where you live, YOU Prick!

31 Eric: But wait!

32 Daryl B. Setters: : I’m gonna tell you something: Get your shit.. your head out of your ass. And start supporting the guy, who stood by you the whole fucking time... This prick has been a fucking jerk! And he’s getting these other people involved to fuck me. Don’t let it happen!

33 Eric: Wait a minute!

34 Daryl B. Setters: : No ‘wait a minute’! I’m telling you. It’s not a ‘wait a minute’. There’s no ‘wait a minute’. I’m not waiting for you to answer, you... son of a bitch! Listen to me.. This is a one-way conversation! ONE-WAY! I don’t want to hear what you got to say! YOU FIGHT FOR ME OR GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE!

35 Eric: Well, how do I fight for you? I don’t understand!

36 Daryl B. Setters: : You start telling the World that.. this guy’s got a sick fucking kid... that he stayed in your house.. as a weirdo... that this prick was all fucked up! That I called you and said what I said. START SUPPORTING ME! I’m getting fucking hammered out there!

37 Eric: Where ? I don’t even.....

38 Daryl B. Setters: : Everywhere! I’ve had it! Bollyn is done! Don’t put his shit on my site! I don’t know where the fuck his shit is, I don’t know where his bullshit starts. And I do not know where his lies begin! I do not know where that cocksucker’s lies begin and his reality starts. And I’m telling you something else... if this don’t happen Eric, we’re finished, because I can’t trust you man! You’ve been fucking me for fucking Bollyn! And it better not happen.. because this guy is a cocksucker! That’s the end of it! And this is not of your response! I’m Not waiting for you to respond! I’m telling you that I want you to come out on my behalf, and I want to see this shit get put behind you and me... because right now he handed my head to me... ...And the fact is, you’ve STAYED QUIET!

39 Eric: But I don’t ... but what do you mean. He handed your head. He just put a couple photos up.

40 Daryl B. Setters: : You have not.. It was YOU that wrote about him! I DIDN’T THINK IT WAS FUCKING REAL!

41 Eric: What do you mean?

42 Daryl B. Setters: : You prick!

43 Eric: What do you mean I wrote about him?

44 Daryl B. Setters: : I’m getting fucking hammered here from everybody and his brother for saying that ‘Bollyn is..is ... missing.’ That was your fucking thing! I never thought it! IT WAS YOU!

45 Eric: But you.. We can say that then...

46 Daryl B. Setters: : ah... BULLSHIT!

47 Eric: I thought he was missing. What do you mean, he wasn’t missing?

48 Daryl B. Setters: : I didn’t think so and I told you so.

49 Eric: Well I thought he was missing!

50 Daryl B. Setters: : I didn’t think so goddamn it ! AND I’m catching all the fucking heat here. And I’m going to tell you something.. come out and start fucking fighting the good fight with me. Because it’s Daryl B. Setters: Bradford Smith that’s getting slimed out there. And I want you to be out there, putting in your shit Eric! Goddamn it!

51 Eric: Well I...can’t ..

52 Daryl B. Setters: : I’ve had with this goddamn shit! And I’ve got something to tell. I’ve got something to tell you man. You know something.. I’m not your fucking puppet! You ...you start getting this shit straight! ..And I’ve got something to tell you man. I’ll tell you something now:

53 Eric: What?

54 Daryl B. Setters: : I’ve had it with this bullshit!

55 Eric: But Wait a minute..

56 Daryl B. Setters: : And all I’m getting now is fucking bullshit... and 90% of it is shit you write

57 Eric: But... What do you mean?

58 Daryl B. Setters: : And people you ‘fuck-over’!

59 Eric: I don’t understand, what....

60 Daryl B. Setters: : Just don’t, DON’T understand! Just absorb! And and and go away... suck it into your brain! And come back with something, that gonna impress me Eric! Because you know something? I’m done man! I’ve been fucked in the ass! I can feel the sting in my balls!

61 Eric: But what you do mean... he just posted a picture!

62 Daryl B. Setters: : Stop! Stop ‘what do you think’, ‘what do you mean’! ‘What do you think’?

63 Eric: Well, how can I respond?

64 Daryl B. Setters: : I’m telling you... it’s not.. this is not a debate!

65 Eric: But.. How do I respond? What has he done? All he did was put a picture up.

66 Daryl B. Setters: : He’s lied about every goddamn thing! This fucking guy! I want you to come out and say: ‘His son’s sick!’ He was in your house, ‘He’s a weirdo !’, and Bollyn is MENTALLY FUCKING ILL! And goddamn it, SMITH IS RIGHT! Fucking Eric! That’s what I want! FUCKER! WAKE UP! WAKE THE FUCK UP! It’s me here! ...and if you fuck me, I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! You prick! You understand me?

67 Eric: Well, Yes!

68 Daryl B. Setters: : Get your shit together!

69 Eric: But ... What?


1 Eric: Hello?

2 Daryl B. Setters: : Eric, ...

3 Eric: yeah?

4 Daryl B. Setters: : Are you working?

5 Eric: Well, yeah, what do you mean?

6 Daryl B. Setters: : What do you got?

7 Eric: Well, I haven’t started anything yet! I don’t know what to say! What do you want me to say, exactly?

8 Daryl B. Setters: : Well look... I’m not just some voice on the phone, am I eric?

9 Eric: well....

10 Daryl B. Setters: : wait wait wait... Am I just some voice on the phone, right? According to your last email and shit... I’m just...’I don’t know Daryl B. Setters: , he’s just some voice on the phone!’ Listen to what I’m going to tell you right now! You’ve got some choices to make! And I’m going to give them to you, so that you understand clearly!

11 Eric: Are you still there? Your Phone, just? Daryl?


1 Eric: Daryl?

2 Daryl B. Setters: : Yeah! I’m not yelling at you dude. You have... You have to hear this! So just listen please...

3 Eric: Alright.

4 Daryl B. Setters: : Unless and until we can get this straightened out Eric, This this battle is not bullshit here. We’ve got a fucking war going on. And I need either your full support, or none! And either you are going to do what we need to get done here. Or you need to relinquish what what control you have of the website. And that’s the bottom line! The fight is here! This is it! And Bollyn has been fucking me and there is more than that going on right now! But the simple truth of the matter is: that this is full scale war and unless and until we do more about it, we’re lost! Now... ..you could, you could you can say.. you know, that you didn’t or you couldn’t or what does it matter. The fact is: Let’s put, let’s put your.. prog..., prognostications on the side! And say what we need to do. The fact is: we’re not doing shit about anything! ...And nobody’s supporting me! And nobody’s fighting for me! And you haven’t put a single article up in my support! And I need that. You haven’t put a single document up. You haven’t said that Bollyn’s fucking kid was a fucking lunatic. Look! I didn’t go as far as saying that in my house, Bollyn’s kid was hearing voices! And and and... there were ghosts he thought were in my room. And they were talking to him! I didn’t say that because I have some comportment about children! But this man doesn’t give a fuck about kids so much, that he will drag that fucking kid from hotel room to hotel room and tell him the ghosts are in his head. And not get him help. And you better not do anything to support him! NOT A FUCKING WORD! Do you understand me?

5 Eric: Well yeah!

6 Daryl B. Setters: : Understand where I’m coming from?

7 Eric: Yeah but I don’t know about the kid and ghosts.

8 Daryl B. Setters: : I’m telling you this kid is fucked up!

9 Eric: But let’s say I say something, How does that help you if I say his kid has problems? I don’t understand?

10 Daryl B. Setters: : It’s a hundred percent support for your partner! Dude..

11 Eric: But to say something about his kid? I never saw....

12 Daryl B. Setters: : No....! It doesn’t matter about the kid! That’s one element! There’s a million elements in there. How about the size of the car! How about the fact that....

13 Eric: But I never saw the car, How can I...... What am I supposed to say....

14 Daryl B. Setters: : It’s in the picture Eric!

15 Eric: But what do I say? You want me to say something?

16 Daryl B. Setters: : Yes that the car was bizarre, because he’s he’s coming out on his website saying that it’s a small car, but the fact is it’s a fullsize car in France!

17 Eric: Alright , so I say that. now

18 Daryl B. Setters: : What! Do you want me to babysit you through this or what?

19 Eric: But.. You saying. But... to me, You’re saying.. You want me to say this...

20 Daryl B. Setters: : I don’t want you to ever speak to that cocksucker again!

21 Eric: He hasn’t called for months!

22 Daryl B. Setters: : Yeah, but you know Eric, you got emails the other day! You got emails yesterday!

23 Eric: That’s right! I sent him an email to see if he’d respond and he did respond!

24 Daryl B. Setters: : Yeah, well here’s the response: FUCK YOU! YOU COCKSUCKING, LYING SON-OF-A-BITCH MOTHERFUCKER! And how about a response to this guy Phillip’s bullshit?

25 Eric: That guy’s stuff is so stupid.... What the use....

26 Daryl B. Setters: : It doesn’t matter! It’s getting spread everywhere!

27 Eric: But, are you sure? Because, I’ve only seen it at Rumor Mill News! And and ah um... Wake Up From Your Slumber! Nobody... Who’s paying attention? How do you know people are paying attention...? to this...

28 Daryl B. Setters: : It doesn’t matter WHOOO! I’m paying attention! The fact is that I want my partner fighting for me! And you’ve never done that goddamn it! You’ve never done it!

29 Eric: What do you mean? I’ve defended you! What are you talking about?

30 Daryl B. Setters: : What fucking thing have you stood behind me about, Eric?

31 Eric: It’s all over that I stand behind you!

32 Daryl B. Setters: : It ain’t over man, it’s my life!

33 Eric: No, I said, I’ve p...

34 Daryl B. Setters: : Eric... WAIT A MINUTE! They’re placing my wife’s photograph on the internet! YOU FUCK!

35 Eric: BUT?


37 Eric: You mean the one...?

38 Daryl B. Setters: : MY WIFE! STOP! YOU FUCKER!!! And they’re putting my picture on the fucking internet!

39 Eric: I know!

40 Daryl B. Setters: : That’s a problem for me! Look that is a fucking problem for me! And you should be fucking bullshit with it! And you should be telling the World, that this guy is a BACKSTABBING SACK OF SHIT! And I haven’t heard a word from you YOU FUCK! And you’re telling me that you’re doing everything? And he’s putting my wife’s picture and my picture on the internet. And you’ve said NOTHING?

41 Eric: .. well I didn’t....

42 Daryl B. Setters: : YOU FUCK!!!

43 Eric: wa....I didn’t

44 Daryl B. Setters: : What’s the matter with you?

45 Eric: Well, I didn’t realise the picture, was such a....

46 Daryl B. Setters: : WELL.. WHAT THE FUCK!

47 Eric: But, that’s what I’m saying! Most people would say... What are you worried...?

48 Daryl B. Setters: : NAAW ... MOST PEOPLE! BULLSHIT! I told the guy not to do it!

49 Eric: I know, you told him!

50 Daryl B. Setters: : Period. Eric, that’s Bullshit! I said: DON’T DO IT! Don’t fucking do it!

51 Eric: Yeah well... That’s what we can say! That’s what we can say! That you said: ‘don’t do it’.

52 Daryl B. Setters: : ‘that we can say’, we can say, you should have been on this like stink on shit! Where the fuck is my partner? You’re my partner man!

53 Eric: But?

54 Daryl B. Setters: : You should be protecting me like a fucking pitbull! And instead I got nothing! Squat Eric! Squat, no what a minute Eric! I got nothing from you!

55 Eric: But..

56 Daryl B. Setters: : No help! I got not a single moment of defense. About any of this shit! And you know something, that tells me a lot of shit about you! And I don’t need that shit man! And then I hear that you’re in fucking touch with this guy, three or four times during that period?

57 Eric: But , how do you know that guys telling the truth?

58 Daryl B. Setters: : I talked to the guy!

59 Eric: That doesn’t mean anything. Look...! If he had a phone record? He may have....

60 Daryl B. Setters: : NO! He was standing there!

61 Eric: But, he lying then, if he saw me two times. He may have been calling someone else too, and he’s only talked to me twice! How do you know.........

62 Daryl B. Setters: : Eric, Eric, I don’t care, it’s my reputation... don’t you get this? And you don’t fucking get it?

63 Eric: no!

64 Daryl B. Setters: : I’m going to tell you something: you are behind me, pushing this shit. and I’m going to tell you something: the success of us destroying these cocksuckers, is on my shoulders, not yours! Because you’ve done a fucking great job making me the frontman. and I’m going to tell you something else: It’s me that’s taking the brunt! And and I need you to start fighting from behind the scenes, and saying that this guy Daryl B. Setters: is the fucking ‘best thing since shit on TOAST!!!!’ I don’t get it from you, goddamn it! You know what else, Eric?

65 Eric: What?

66 Daryl B. Setters: : It’s me with my neck on the line over here!

67 Eric: I know

68 Daryl B. Setters: : And you know something? I’m not getting your support man......

69 Eric: okay well, Let’s assume I say that you told.. I mean.. I can say you told Christopher not show the photos

70 Daryl B. Setters: : It doesn’t matter what you say! As long as it’s starting to support what the fuck I am!... Eric, it’s me that’s going to win this fight!

71 Eric: I know! But I’m saying... I mean, you’ve got to look at it.. Am I supposed to say....that you said ? This is not much of a......

72 Daryl B. Setters: : I don’t have to look at it anyway! You could lie if you want Eric! I don’t have to look at this anyway! All I have to see, is that the partner that I am fucking with ain’t doing dog shit for me.

73 Eric: No! What I’m saying. I’m saying.. What... You’re saying I should help you? Help you to explain...

74 Daryl B. Setters: : ANYTHING! Make it up as you go along Eric!

75 Eric: Yeah, but I don’t know what to say.... I mean I can say...

76 Daryl B. Setters: : Anything! You’re not stupid. I’ve been with you for years! You have never had a fucking mental block!

77 Eric: But

78 Daryl B. Setters: : When it came to other shit. Well, I’m going to tell you something... how about no mental block this time! And come up with something that kicks ass Eric! And says: Daryl kicks fucking ass in the World. How about if I fucking... I could blow angel dog’s farts... fucking... from.. from Space. It doesn’t matter what you say!

79 Eric: I know!

80 Daryl B. Setters: : Support me YOU PRICK!

81 Eric: I have been!

82 Daryl B. Setters: : You haven’t!

83 Eric: It’s all over, where it says Smith and Hufschmid .... and you’re...

84 Daryl B. Setters: : That’s bullshit! That is bullshit. I am reading this shit! I am looking at this shit! I’m not seeing a single goddamn response from you or anybody. All I’m seeing is me making this fucking statement and my ass getting fucking handed to me... And you’ve said nothing! And half the things this guy’s saying are LIES!

85 Eric: But

86 Daryl B. Setters: : Point out the lies!

87 Eric: But only you know that. Because only you were there to say: ‘Don’t show my photo!’

88 Daryl B. Setters: : No! Eric... Eric Eric.. You know that that kid’s fucking sick!

89 Eric: Well he’s got.....

90 Daryl B. Setters: : So... POINT IT OUT!!!

91 Eric: Bu...

92 Daryl B. Setters: : Say the kid’s a lunatic!

93 Eric: Okay let’s assume I say the kids got mental problems... What does that do....

94 Daryl B. Setters: : No! More than mental problems! He’s hearing shit!

95 Eric: Well I’ll say....

96 Daryl B. Setters: : He’s in my house, listening to fucking ghosts and shit...

97 Eric: But if I say that... I can’t say that I’ve seen it. I haven’t seen it! I can’t say that. That’s you who has to say that!

98 Daryl B. Setters: : What did he do in your house?

99 Eric: The kid, he just seems restless.. He wanted to sit still... He wanted to watch TV.... I never saw him say... or see ghosts or anything....

100 Daryl B. Setters: : He said that ghosts are coming after him in my house...

101 Eric: Well I didn’t see.....

102 Daryl B. Setters: : Ghosts are coming after me....

103 Eric: Let’s assume

104 Daryl B. Setters: : And I can hear them talking to me...

105 Eric: Let’s assume I saw that and I say that, well how does that help you?

106 Daryl B. Setters: : Look! The bottom line is is that this man. How does it help me?

107 Eric: Yeah! For me to criticise his kid....

108 Daryl B. Setters: : Let me tell you how it helps Eric... The fucking guy should have got help for his kid! AND HE DIDN’T! AND HE DIDN’T!

109 Eric: Well we can say that...

110 Daryl B. Setters: : AND HE DIDN’T! AND HE DIDN’T! If it was your kid, what would you do? Let your kid hear fucking voices? What would you do if it was your son?

111 Eric: I don’t know!

112 Daryl B. Setters: : Would you stop it and go to a fucking doctor?

113 Eric: Well, then we can say that... We can say that you saw his kid having troubles and you think he should do something, but...

114 Daryl B. Setters: : Eric, he was fucked up in your house. He was fucked up in a lot of people’s houses. This guy that I just talked to, said that he was a scumbag!

115 Eric: Well.....


117 Eric: Well, we..e.. Why don’t we get that guy to talk?

118 Daryl B. Setters: : No, I want you to talk! YOU FUCK! He lived to your house!

119 Eric: But he wasn’t that bad! I didn’t see anything this bad! That what you’re describing wasn’t anything like this. I was with him in Europe, it wasn’t anything like this!

120 Daryl B. Setters: : This guy is a fucking dirtbag! The guy that was living with him and his wife over in fucking Sweden for... said the guy was a SCUMBAG!

121 Eric: Well why don’t you talk to him?

122 Daryl B. Setters: : Just like I said!

123 Eric: Why don’t you get him to do an interview then....?

124 Daryl B. Setters: : HE WON’T!

125 Eric: Why not?

126 Daryl B. Setters: : I told him, I would bring pressure on him that would make his life change. He said: ‘Fuck off, I am not doing it!’

127 Eric: Well...? I mean, this is ridiculous, if he doesn’t want to talk, WHY NOT.. What’s the problem with him? ... and then he says I’m calling all the time..? Why doesn’t he....

128 Daryl B. Setters: : He didn’t say you were calling all the time... He said you called four times.

129 Eric: (laughs...) Well then why does he even... then you try to get the guy to talk, and he hides... What does that tell you? How do you know that he not just trying to start fights between us?

130 Daryl B. Setters: : He’s not trying to start fights, I talked to the guy. He’s not fucking full of shit..

131 Eric: And then when you try to do an interview....

132 Daryl B. Setters: : Look dude man. Look dude, He doesn’t want to get broiled in what he see’s ...

133 Eric: Yeah but he’s doing it. though..

134 Daryl B. Setters: : is food fights

135 Eric: He is .. He is involved! Look, he got you upset!

136 Daryl B. Setters: : He don’t want...

137 Eric: But he just got involved! He just got you upset with all of this.

138 Daryl B. Setters: : I’m not upset! I am losing my mind!

139 Eric: Well that’s being upset isn’t it?

140 Daryl B. Setters: : I’m willing to kill people for what I know!

141 Eric: Yeah, but how do you know what you know is even the truth?

142 Daryl B. Setters: : IT DOESN’T MATTER! I all I care about is fixing the fucking problem! And it’s my ass out on the front of the spear! Start fixing it goddamn it!

143 Eric: But what if he’s part of the.....

144 Daryl B. Setters: : You could do more! You could do more! I don’t care what you tell me! Right now. You could do more to fix this!

145 Eric: What if he’s part of it?

146 Daryl B. Setters: : You could do more! Period! End of story. You’ve been fucking leaving me languishing! I feel it. I know it

147 Eric: Languishing?

148 Daryl B. Setters: : This is not coming from him! This is not coming from him! This is coming from Daryl Bradford Smith! You’ve been leaving me out on the fucking door step! Stop it! And start fighting for me, goddamn it! I know what I’m smelling! I know what I’m seeing! Wake your ass up and fight for me man!

149 Eric: I don’t see where your saying....

150 Daryl B. Setters: : FUCK OFF ERIC!

151 Eric: But this languishing? What do you mean? I’m not...

152 Daryl B. Setters: : ITS ... I’m telling you: You haven’t done a fucking thing about stopping this bullshit that’s going against me. NOTHING! I watch everything. I see everything! And you .. and you know something else Eric? YOU THINK I’M SOME DUMBFUCK? I’m going to tell you something man, I watch every goddamn thing that happens! And half the time, I don’t respond! YOU’RE HEARING IT NOW!

153 Eric: Like What?

154 Daryl B. Setters: : You ain’t responding! Get your ass out of the fucking sling and start fighting for me! Get your ass on that internet! Go over to the blogs. Go on to the fucking message boards... and say SMITH KICKS ASS! Where the fuck are you? Well, Where are you?

155 Eric: But you don’t.....?

156 Daryl B. Setters: : I DON’T GIVE A SHIT! I don’t want to hear it! I don’t care! Eric, it’s bullshit what you’re gonna tell me! It’s fucking bullshit because you haven’t done it! YOU HAVE NOT DONE IT! PERIOD! And I’m... my neck’s on the line... with these broadcasts.. and you’re behind the scenes, like some monkey-man! Pulling my fucking strings. BULLSHIT! Get your ass out there and fight for me! And if you don’t fight for me? WE’RE FINISHED! WE’RE DONE! You’ve got to understand! I’m not going to fucking hang out with a guy who ain’t fucking supporting me. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! And you ain’t doing it! And you haven’t been doing it! And YOU’RE NOT DOING IT! And I don’t give a shit what you tell me, YOU FUCKING PRICK!

157 Eric: What?


159 Eric: I can write something, but I got to.....

160 Daryl B. Setters: : I don’t care what you write!

161 Eric: What?

162 Daryl B. Setters: : Get on the net! Write some shit on the fucking blogs! Go.. Go to WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! Go to where all these people are! I don’t care Eric, you ain’t doing a goddamn to support me! You haven’t supported me in months! And I’m standing out here taking punch after punch. And I’m sick of taking the punches for you, you fuck! Listen to me! You wake up, you prick! And you better wake up fucking NOW!

162 Eric: ....But I don’t know

163 Daryl B. Setters: : Because, I’m telling you, Son of a bitch, you get this shit straight! Because I am not your fucking victim! And I want this shit to fucking move! And if it don’t move, I’M GOING TO COME AND SEE YOU! You see me? I’m going to come and see you! ...and I’ve got news for you... BUDDY ... I’ve got people in Las Vegas, that will drive up to your house in a heartbeat! You better pull your head out of your ass, and get your shit moving! And that’s all I got to say to you! MOVE, MOVE MOVE!!!

164 Eric: What do you suggest.....

165 Daryl B. Setters: : I’m done with you. I’m done and I’m fucking not going to play games with you anymore! The next time we communicate, I better see some fucking results, because if I don’t..... YOU’RE FUCKING LIFE IS IN DANGER! Do you understand me? Do you understand me?

166 Eric: Yes, But how...


1 Daryl B. Setters: : The only thing we got and I’m not just some fucking voice on the phone. I’m a guy who’s trying to stop these bastards from doing this, and Bollyn is fucking me! And I think he got paid off! He had to have fucking switched... and it seems pretty clear the date! The date of his switch... ...seems clear to me!

2 Eric: It’s when he left! Chicago, is what it looks like...

3 Daryl B. Setters: : No NO! It seems like he came a month after!

4 Eric: Well, same thing, whether he... when he left!

5 Daryl B. Setters: : It seems like he came a month after, because that’s when the attacks started, when he left that guy Jan’s house!

6 Eric: Well that’s...Well Yeah! That’s what I mean, that’s what it looks like! He was there as a prisoner and they gave him a choice! That’s what it looks like and Jan is not telling you anything because he not HONEST! And he’s trying to get you angry and that’s why he’s staying hidden! That’s what it looks like! He’s poking you, trying to get a fight going, lying to you, exaggerating everything. Don’t you see? That’s what it looks like!

7 Daryl B. Setters: : Well, they let him go, and now he’s got his marching orders. And his marching orders are to slander the balls off me!

8 Eric: They let him go where...?

9 Daryl B. Setters: : Put photographs of my house....


1 Daryl B. Setters: : You know what kind of fucking emails I’ve been getting here?

2 Eric: Probably from these people, trying to stir up trouble!

3 Daryl B. Setters: : Well, you have no idea, I found your house now

4 Eric: They’re trying to.....

5 Daryl B. Setters: : I’m coming for you

6 Eric: (laughs) see.... they’re trying to make you mad!

7 Daryl B. Setters: : Well. No man!

8 Eric: does......

9 Daryl B. Setters: : Well, it’s working! Goddamn it! It’s Working!

10 Eric: Don’t fall for it! If you fall for it, you’re a sucker! You can’t fall for this! Don’t you see? That’s what they’re trying to do. Get you to fight! Have you lose your temper. Fighting with them just goes on and on and who knows what they’ll bring out next. It will go on and on and on... Until everyone’s so sick of it till they say, ‘oh, get me out of here. I can’t stand this any longer!’. That’s their technique! You don’t want to fall for it!

11 Daryl B. Setters: : aaaaahhh... no no no. Because if he starts putting maps to my house, then I’m going to hunt that fucker down!

12 Eric: Well, they might. They might do all kinds of things. But you don’t know and there’s no sense fighting with them! What’s it going to do?


1 Eric: Well, that’s why they’re doing this! They’re trying to start fights! Probably what most of the email you’re getting is! Trying to prod you, trying to get you to lose it! And if Jan and the other don’t help, you have to wonder if they are just making stuff up? Deliberately, to incite you! Tell him to start proving what he says for a change!

2 Daryl B. Setters: : Well, all I can tell you right now Eric, is that I need defence here! Because, you know, I’m the face....

3 Eric: I lot of this, I would not have known. I have no idea what your wife teaches. You’re the only one who would have caught that!

4 Daryl B. Setters: : You know, you’ve known me for years now.....

5 Eric: I don’t know her...

6 Daryl B. Setters: : Dude, you know me. You’ve been on the phone with me...for hours

7 Eric: I would not have caught that!

8 Daryl B. Setters: : You know me better than my fucking brother and sisters know me!

9 Eric: Oh, come on?

10 Daryl B. Setters: : You do!

11 Eric: Your brother knows you more than I do!

12 Daryl B. Setters: : No way! Not Lately in the last fucking five years!

13 Eric: How much have you really changed?

14 Daryl B. Setters: : It’s you, you motherfucker, It’s you dude

15 Eric: Oh come on, how much have you changed? Your Brother...

16 Daryl B. Setters: : You’ve spent fucking ten fucking years with me on this goddamn phone!

17 Eric: Oh, come on!

18 Daryl B. Setters: : Come on, man. Don’t ever just say I’m a voice on the phone again! Or I’ll fucking reach through this phone....

19 Eric: (laughs)... Would you cut it out......

20 Daryl B. Setters: : and choke your fucking skinny chicken neck

21 Eric: Look........

22 Daryl B. Setters: : Don’t ever say that again Eric! That’s bullshit! Like FUCK, I’m just some voice on the phone, man. I'll come around Goleta, and slap you around for that shit! What the hell’s wrong with you? I not just some voice on the phone!

23 Eric: They just say this to get you mad!

24 Daryl B. Setters: : you said it, I know you said it!

25 Eric: It doesn’t mean anything!

26 Daryl B. Setters: : But it meant...It means something to me!

27 Eric: That why they bring it up over and over....

28 Daryl B. Setters: : Well don’t fucking say shit like that!

29 Eric: Do I have to let everything go through you to approve it first?

30 Daryl B. Setters: : No, you don’t say shit like fucking that, because that’s fucked up! What do you want me to say? : that you’re a fucking pencil-neck geek? I don’t say shit like that about my partner, you fucking dope!

31 Eric: I don’t care...

32 Daryl B. Setters: : Pull your head out of your ass. Don’t say shit like that to people! Your just some voice on the phone! That’s fucking bullshit! Don’t say shit like that! You say shit like that again and we’re done you know? I’m telling you man! That’s not supporting me! That’s fucking me in the ass! Don’t do it again! ERIC, Eric, this is not a joke man! I’m telling you. You ever pull something like that again with anybody on any show, on any fucking email.

33 Eric: Who did I say it to?

34 Daryl B. Setters: : We’re finished man!

35 Eric: I said it to who, to Bollyn?

36 Daryl B. Setters: : I don’t care who you said it to! Don’t ever say it again! It’s bullshit! I just some voice on the phone!

37 Eric: Then what do I say? You’re not my fiancée! What do I say?


39 Eric: Well... He’ll ask me he’ll say to me, well..: ‘Who is Smith?”

40 Daryl B. Setters: : Well. Don’t say say that! It’s a bad thing to say and you know it! Don’t fucking say it!

41 Eric: What do I say? Then , what do I say?

42 Daryl B. Setters: : YOU DON’T SAY THAT! I’m just some voice on a phone? Eric?

43 Eric: Yeah, but if you tell me what not to say?

44 Daryl B. Setters: : Don’t say that, YOU DOPE! Or anything like that! Because you’re not that stupid! That’s a fucking slander man!

45 Eric: You, on your own show....

46 Daryl B. Setters: : That is a slander!

47 Eric: It is NOT!

48 Daryl B. Setters: : I’m just some voice on a goddamn phone! You say something like that again man, and I’m going to tell you something I will fly to America, and I will show up at your front door!

49 Eric: Oh, COME ON!!!

50 Daryl B. Setters: : You won’t fucking like it. I’ll shake you around like a rag doll!

51 Eric: (laughs)

52 Daryl B. Setters: : You don’t even know me man! You know something, check my fucking criminal record! I’ll grab you by the neck Eric! You fuck me like this again, and you’re in trouble with me! You understand me?

53 Eric: that is hurting you!

54 Daryl B. Setters: : This is not a threat, This is a promise to you! YOU PRICK!

55 Eric: I said it to Bollyn, Who heard it?

56 Daryl B. Setters: : Don’t say it to anybody!

57 Eric: Who heard it? Who heard it?

58 Daryl B. Setters: : Don’t say it to anybody!

59 Eric: Tell me, tell me who heard it? who heard it?

60 Daryl B. Setters: : Everybody in the World now! It’s all over the fucking place! Everybody heard it now! Don’t say shit like that you fucking moron! You’re supposed to be so goddamn smart! That’s a stupid fucking thing to say!

61 Eric: I don’t think it’s stupid!

62 Daryl B. Setters: : It’s stupid!

63 Eric: You, on your own radio show, said.....

64 Daryl B. Setters: : And you better fucking find out it’s stupid or we’re done now! WE’RE DONE NOW Eric!

65 Eric: Your own radio show....

66 Daryl B. Setters: : Give me the fucking codes to my website, You Prick!

67 Eric: Alright alright!

68 Daryl B. Setters: : Ship’em Over!

69 Eric: alright.

70 Daryl B. Setters: : Right now! I’m over with this shit. I’m just some fucking voice on the phone!

71 Eric: Well, I’m the one who’s been paying for your website!

72 Daryl B. Setters: : SEND THE GODDAM.....

73 Eric: I’ll send them, I’ll send them

74 Daryl B. Setters: : I don’t care if you fucking paid for it!

75 Eric: I’ll send them, I’ll send them....

76 Daryl B. Setters: : Send the goddamn things... I’m some voice on the telephone? You fucking moron! That’s bullshit Eric!

77 Eric: You take this so seriously!

78 Daryl B. Setters: : I take it real! IT’S REAL and you FUCKED ME!

79 Eric: ahhh, Jan’s the one who.....

80 Daryl B. Setters: : Jan, ssshmann! You said that! Jan didn’t say it! YOU DID!

81 Eric: I said it to Bollyn!

82 Daryl B. Setters: : I don’t care who you said it too! Don’t say it to anybody you fucking idiot!

83 Eric: Whose even listening to Bollyn?

84 Daryl B. Setters: : I’M LISTENING!

85 Eric: Oh God!!!

86 Daryl B. Setters: : YOU FUCKED ME! YOU PRICK!

87 Eric: But they’re trying to start fights!

88 Daryl B. Setters: : No Eric, No they’re not! You fucking set this up, goddamn it! With this bullshit

89 Eric: Oh come on?

90 Daryl B. Setters: : Don’t be fucking telling me nothing you goddamn fool! You’re telling people, I’m just some voice on the phone! And you’re giving him fuel for his goddamn fire! What’s wrong with you?

91 Eric: who....?

92 Daryl B. Setters: : What is wrong with you?

93 Eric: That is not, in my opinion.....

94 Daryl B. Setters: : That’s a lot of shit! It’s all over the internet right now!

95 Eric: but on your own radio......

96 Daryl B. Setters: : but Bollyn say’s ‘Smith’s just some voice on the phone!”

97 Eric: yeah but

98 Daryl B. Setters: : That’s fucking Bullshit! You know goddamn well, I’m not a fucking agent! You know something... I don’t know that you’re not YOU PRICK!

99 Eric: I know, but...

100 Daryl B. Setters: : Send me those fucking codes right now, because we’re DONE!

101 Eric: Alright!

102 Daryl B. Setters: : WE ARE FUCKING DONE! And I’ll tell you something else man!

103 Eric: What?

104 Daryl B. Setters: : You fuck me again and I will show up at your front door and I am your worst fucking nightmare. DON’T YOU FUCK ME!

105 Eric: but on your own....

106 Daryl B. Setters: : You’ve already done a good job at sticking it up my ass!

107 Eric: Me?

108 Daryl B. Setters: : Get your shit together! YOU PRICK!

109 Eric: Oh... Good Lord!

110 Daryl B. Setters: : what the fuck is wrong with you? Man?

111 Eric: you on your....

112 Daryl B. Setters: : I just some voice on the phone after three goddamn years! I didn’t say that about you and I wouldn’t say that about you. You’re not just some voice on the phone...... BUT ... YOU KNOW something... May be the fuck you are..because that’s what it’s turning out to be here! That you’re just some voice on the phone, Eric.... I’m not some voice on the phone! I’m a guy that’s struggling here. Who can barely make ends meet! Who’s fighting a goddamn fight with you, you prick! You don’t say shit like that to anybody! What the fuck is wrong with you? What is wrong with you?

113 Eric: But on your own show... You had a show, that we’re you said you don’t guarantee anybody but yourself...

114 Daryl B. Setters: : Eric, don’t start that shit! You’re my partner! YOU FUCKING MORON! You ever pull something like this again, I swear to GOD.... I swear to my father, on my father’s soul, I will show up to your door and I WILL RING YOUR FUCKING NECK! And I’M TALKING ABOUT DECAPITATING YOU, YOU PRICK!

115 Eric: On your own show....

116 Daryl B. Setters: : If you don’t listen to this, YOU BETTER LISTEN TO THIS GOOD: You fucking pull your head out of your ass, and you ever slander me like that again, with anybody, I don’t care if it’s Bollyn or anybody, I AM COMING FOR YOU! You got this straight? You little prick! You fucking pull your head out of your ass and get it right! And I’m not drinking right now. I’m stone sober! You understand what I’m saying to you?

117 Eric: YES!

118 Daryl B. Setters: : This is CLEAR. You fucking support me YOU LITTLE BASTARD! THAT’S THE END OF IT. And no more ‘I’m just some guy on the phone’ YOU FUCK! What’s wrong with you?

119 Eric: That expression! How do you get so mad?

120 Daryl B. Setters: : You don’t pull expressions like that. It’s bullshit!

121 Eric: You said you can’t even guarantee me....

122 Daryl B. Setters: : Everything means something in this battle, you son of a bitch, and that’s wrong! That is fucking wrong man!

123 Eric: There’s a file where you even said you can’t guarantee everybody!

124 Daryl B. Setters: : I never said that about you, You’re my partner, you fucking idiot!

125 Eric: I’m sure I can find it

126 Daryl B. Setters: : I tell people all the time I support you, you shithead!

127 Eric: I support you too!

128 Daryl B. Setters: : Yeah, you don’t. you fucking don’t! you left me hanging out here and you’re telling Bollyn shit! I will fuck you up man and him!

129 Eric: You’re fighting with him because you want to!

130 Daryl B. Setters: : Look Eric.... I don’t give a fuck about prison! You have to understand something you little bastard, I don’t give a fuck about fucking blowing your brains out! And you better get your head out of your ass! And I know where the fuck you are! You better pull your fucking head out of your ass, because if you piss me off, I will show up at your front door and KILL YOUR FUCKING ASS! You understand me? This isn’t a fucking threat, this is a promise to you! YOU PRICK! I’ll spend the rest of my life in jail! I’ve got no problem with that! You fuck me like this again, I will kill you. Do you understand me? And I’m telling that to you, straight to your fucking head! Send those codes to my fucking pinbox! AND GET THE FUCK OFF MY BACK! Do you Understand?

131 Eric: Sure!