The JEWS Murdered Brian Jones in 1969 !

03-07-2019 - UPDATED!

How do I know so much about Brian?

The truth is that I have zero blood relations to the Brian Jones family. I haven’t spoken with any of them either. I have only heard rumours from others here in Wales. I started investigating the murder, because I have been in several Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, and Shadows cover bands or look-alike groups.... and being a blondie, I was always casted as Jones, and unfortunately stuck on Rhythm Guitar. LOL! Even though we look nothing like each other:

What is plainly evident is that he was murdered! And most people in this part of the UK, say he was murdered by the Jews, who are the same group that murdered John Lennon. The Jews have an enormous organized crime group in the UK and around the World.
 I am going to make this brief: The Rolling Stones was a band invented by Brian Jones, who was their owner and first manager.

The group was later promoted by Jew, Giorgio Gomelsky:

And funded legally and contractually by Jew, Allen Klein of New York after receiving their debut. The Rolling Stones were more American than British as an enterprise. Thus, the Jewish Klein family own the rights to every song recorded by the Rolling Stones from 1962 to 1970 through their ABKCO label today. Many of the early hits were written by ghost writers and attributed to Jagger-Richards. Some of the Rolling Stones ghost writers included Jewish murderer, Phil Spector, who supposedly wrote both 'Satisfaction' and 'Get Off My Cloud', Andrew Loog Oldham, and Mike Leander (also wrote most of Gary Glitters music). Brian Jones refused to be part of this deception. Have you ever wondered why, when you go to a Rolling Stones concert today, they don't play many of their early hits? It's because they didn't write them, and they would have to pay royalties to the original songwriters everytime they sang them live. And have you also noticed that the later Stones songs of the 1970s sound nothing like their original works? That is because most of those songs were written by them, songs as bad and stupid as "She's So Cold". And songs like "Angie" and "It's Only Rock and Roll" have the characteristic songwriting format of David Bowie? But we are made to believe that Mick and Keef wrote them. BOLLOCKS!

I'm not going to waste your time with the same old ‘Frank Thorogood did it and deathbed confessions’ argument, nor will I go into the 'Keith was jealous of Brian' story, which has a few surprises of its own, like Keith threatening Brian with a knife to sign papers. Mick, Keith, Anita (and her family) are pretty much guilty anyway and complicit indirectly for the murder.

So why did the Jews KILL Jones?

Brian Jones was arrested for drug possession on the 10th of May 1967.

1. In order to be released and to minimize his fines, he was talking to the Police. He started to expose the entire heroin drug dealer networks, the nobility, and paedophile rings, most of whom were Jews.

2. He recently broke up with wealthy Jewish girlfriend, actress Anita Pallenberg, who promised to help the Stones find a new sponsor

3. The new sponsor organized his death, because Jones, who had left the band and broke-up with Anita, held on to the legal rights of the Rolling Stones franchise. He would have never wasted money on the Winnie-The-Pooh mansion, if he knew he'd be losing his investments and shares of the Stones that were used to pay for it all. Mr. Loewenstein, a well-known Rothschilds family arms-dealer, and drug smuggler, ordered the hit, because Brian refused to sell his entire shares and wouldn't stop talking to the police. It's important to point out folks... that those investments that Brian had, were his only way to survive, and knowing that he betrayed the same people that were the only ones to help him re-enter the music scene, he knew it was pretty much over! Because of the high level of mafia, high government officials involved. Brian knew it was a mind-control experiment too. Their fame was a forgery promoted directly by mobsters and government controlled media! It was rigged and the riggers were mad with Brian. One of those was paedophile, Jimmy Saville. Think about it: If billionaire Jews, like Allen Klein were sponsoring an Anti-Beatles band from the beginning, there is no way they would've risked having the Rolling Stones write their own music. Brian may have been leaking those intelligence secrets to the people. Who knows? You can write an entire saga on why the Jews decided to take-out Brian.

So they made it appear to be a drowning, and drug related, even though Brian was in rehab and sober. The Jewish reseachers of the Death of Brian Jones, claim 'death by Misadventure' from the Police report and they don't inform the public of special abilites when using Psychedelics. So even if Brian was on Quaaludes, or LSD as claimed by tons of folks, you're not going to drown! I have done both shrooms and LSD while surfing a few times. I had one bad experience, but nothing that would have caused me to drown. Futhermore, he was a champion swimmer in his school as a lad.

Today the band is still owned by the Loewenstein family. Why is that significant? And How Does the Murder of Brian Jones become significant? As I stated before, the Loewensteins are the direct descendents of Mayer Amschel Rothschild. People on the internet who are debating me, including the Rolling Stones fans and the Brian Jones book authors, who are Jews themselves (probably working for the Rothschilds), are calling me a liar. They have claimed my information is libel against the Stones and Loewensteins. It's funny how wikipedia states Loewenstein is a descent of Henry de Worms, but leaves out the Rothschilds, obviously to not do damage to the Rolling Stones. Take a look for yourself at the Loewenstein lineage before you judge me: Here are some links:

Rothschild's Lineage of Lord Pirbright

Wikipedia article on Loewenstein

We know the Rothschilds are behind all of the wars, they own most of the opium crops, and even the Chocolate, Tobacco, Cocaine, Coffee, and Tea Plantantions across the planet. Should it surprise anyone that they'd also be involved in murdering ordinary citizens, like Brian Jones. The murder was a complete cover-up and it was never investigated. Julian, his son and Joolz, Brian Jones's grandson, have been blacklisted by the Jews in the music industry. Their songs are amazing artistry, and much more well-written than anything by U2, but they don't get radio play. How does that make any sense? The Jews are BLOCKING THEM! If you really love Brian Jones, you'd support his poor grandson and his band in Ireland called: Public Overdrive It's time to BLOCK the mainstream Jewish artists folks, and start supporting local people who never had a chance to shine, but are much better musically and morally.



JULY 3rd, 1971

Was Morrison's Murder a Kabbalistic Symbolic murder?

AND.... Look at what Morrison's strange poetry has to say about the Jews & Brian:

Jim Morrison – “Ode to L.A. While Thinking of Brian Jones, Deceased”:

"I’m a resident of a city They’ve just picked me to play The Prince of Denmark

Poor Ophelia

All those ghosts he never saw Floating to doom On an iron candle

Come back, brave warrior Do the dive On another channel

Hot buttered pool Where’s Marrakech Under the falls the wild storm where savages fell out in late afternoon monsters of rhythm

You’ve left your Nothing to complete w/ Silence

I hope you went out Smiling Like a child Into the cool remnant of a dream

The angel man w/ Serpents competing for his palms & fingers Finally claimed This benevolent Soul


Leaves, sodden in silk

Chlorine dream mad stifled Witness

The diving board, the plunge The pool

You were the bleached Sun for TV afternoon

horned-toads maverick of a yellow spot

Look now to where it’s got You

in "meat heaven" with the cannibals & Jews

The gardener Found The body, rampant, Floating

Lucky Stiff What is this green pale stuff You’re made of

Poke holes in the goddess Skin

Will he Stink Carried heavenward Thru the halls of music

No chance.

Requiem for a heavy That smile That porky satyr’s leer has leaped upward

into the loam"


This clearly shows that Jim Morrison accuses the Jews of eating Brian Jones like a bunch of Cannibals. It indicates that they tried to destroy Jones's reputation, and hints at the murder.

Ironically the Doors were also Sponsored by the Rothschilds, and the Paul Rothschild wanted to replace Jim Morrison. This is the reason Rothschilds did not help produce their last recording with Jim, "LA WOMAN!"

The Rolling Stones members have been silent, except for Bill Wyman who has recently spoken out. So folks........ the Jews hated Brian! These days, there are several apologists who are lying about Brian’s dislike of the Jews. Brian’s own father disliked the Jews. Very similar to Mel Gibson. Brian wore NSDAP uniforms, and supposedly used to mock the Jews with his close friend Nico, who herself was a endless critic of Jewish crimes. There are now 'entertainment apologists' for Nico, David Bowie, Mel Gibson, the Sex Pistols, Ian Curtis, and even Ian Stuart Donaldson. Jones was REALLY a victim for talking to the police about the Jewish crime gangs, drug dealers, and paedophiles. That would have exposed the entire 1960's contra-culture movement as being a Jewish manipulated fraud. IT'S A VERY SIMPLE CASE FOLKS!

One of the most convincing arguments that the Jews DID IT, known by the Welsh people, those in Cheltenham, and by Brian's father himself is: The strange front covers of the Newspapers in the UK a few days later:

Here, John Lennon is reading it on the Airplane:

I THINK THE JEWS ACCIDENTALLY EXPOSED THEMSELVES, or are they 'revealing the method?' Why did the Jews of the British press, decide to use THAT photo of Brian in his NSDAP outfit the day after the murder? Wouldn't it be more suiting to use another photo of his glory days in 1964, when he was well-received by the public. No, they want to make him appear as a villain to the public! They wanted to make it appear as if he deserved to die. This is NO MISTAKE FOLKS...... The Jews intentionally left that photo on the cover AS A WARNING to the non-Jews in the Music Business, and as a symbolic gesture to other Jews of a mission well-accomplished: Meaning....... the assassination of a suspected Nazi, and son of a right-wing British aerospace engineer who would have exposed the fraud of the Jewish rock music industry.

Have you noticed how the Jews didn't include the other Rolling Stones members in their own Nazi Uniforms? (It seems they didn't want to damage their future investments):

Who designed this record cover, which was abandoned by Loewenstein?

None other than another Polish Russian Ashkenazi Jew Prince, the famous paedophile artist: BALTHUS Balthus, whose mother was Baladine Klossowski, was accused by many to be a paedophile, but was never convicted of it. It is purely a rumour based on his passion for painting naked little girls. His lineage is hidden, but it is Jewish nobilty, so it is probably Rothschilds related, but I am not certain on this. Balthus was known by Brian, because Brian was the best friend of his son, Prince Stash a.k.a Stanislav Klossowski de Rola, who was a Drug Dealer and ex-Boyfriend of Romina Power (of Albano Carrisi fame), daughter of actor Tyrone Power. Prince Stash also produced pornography, and his own music. He later became a groupie of the Loewenstein owned Stones. Here is a photo of Stash and Brian after Brian's drug-possession trial. It is known that Brian took the blame for Stash!: To this day, Stash denies that Brian was murdered. Probably because he is also a Rothschild.

Let us recap! There are seven Jews connected to the murder of Brian Jones:

1. Giorgio Gomelsky

2. Allen Klein

3. Anita Pallenberg

5. Balthus

6. Prince Stash

7. Rupert Loewenstein