Most of you who subscribe to my type of views, don’t need a lesson on who NOT to follow. This is self-intuitive! But for my younger audience who has just awoken to the Jewish Zionist plague, you need to follow carefully because knowing how to starve these rats, will give our people a victory. So you don’t want to feed this plague anymore.

1. THROW AWAY YOUR TELEVISION! (You’ll even save money on the TV license) and sleep better at night.

2. DON’T READ ANY BOOKS BY JEWISH AUTHORS (unless you are studying their tricks....but don’t take advice or self help from Jews... they are tricking you, even with the health books)


This one is hard for many of you. It was devastating for me to throw away my Depeche Mode collections. Get rid of Everything: Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, etc...


So the alternative to Pop music, is returning to Jazz and Classical, or Celtic, or New Age right? NO, WRONG!

Most people don’t know that Jews are horrible CLASSICAL Musicians. Some are at minimum, ‘mediocre’ and able to finish a recital with a few errors (even with the Beta-blockers like Inderal and Amphetamines). They still ‘suck’, as Michael Jackson has correctly indicated.

You ever notice how most of the famous classical recording artist Jews never do live concerts? If they do, those are recorded and the mistakes are scratched out. Live classical is only done by the goyim. .... But Jews are the masters of overdubbing and copying and pasting entire classical LPs and recordings.

When one looks at a music store they are OVERWHELMED by how many Jewish Classical Recording Artists there are and on every instrument and every composer. But the truth is that this is an illusion of their supposed strengths in Music. They have done this to disprove Wagner’s claims of them being cheaters and plagiarizers....

Here is the REAL magic of Jewish recording flawlessness:

They record a Beethoven Sonata, with a 1000 takes using a click track. In the Editing room, the best sections are cut out, and the studio engineer cuts and pastes the best sections, then they throw in a few audience coughs to make believe it is a real performance, and fake claps. But the entire concert is done in a recording studio, in sections. They use fade-in and fade-out ‘punch-ins’ to mask the reality of the thousands of clips glued together. Then reverb and grain-mimicking is applied to mask errors and taped-sections. It is an elaborate con-artistry or ‘studio magic’. The Jews are horrible recording artists.

I witnessed the entire process many times at the Song BMG Classical studio’s in London because I did session work there on Triple Harp. 1000’s of takes, and chopping up the best parts and re-gluing everything to make it look like the Jew or Chinese artists are better than the original composers. TOTAL BOLLOCKS! You only have to see the same artist live to catch them screw-up. I have seen Isaac Stern live, and he made so many errors that they had to restart the concerto, but then he laughed and said: “Just Joking” to make it appear as if he did it on purpose to communicate with the Audience in the same way Liberace would, but when they started over, he made even more errors but they didn’t stop. Most of the audiences can’t catch the errors because they do not have trained ears like us.

Jewish Classical Musicians Are Gangsters and LIARS! They copy and paste everything. In order to not risk libel, I will not give out any names, but I saw a session once with a female Jewish pianist 'genius', playing Chopin, who recorded the left-hand first, and then overdubbed the right hand sections. She screwed up so many times in the studio, that they literally called-in a Korean student to play the parts she was messing-up, but that entire recording was attributed 100% to this Jewish lady. That is the fraud of the Classical Music Industry folks. You are better off seeing a live show with a goyim performer. Trust Me!

Now that we are in 2019.... how many of us naive goyim, forget that EVERY major studio on the planet, including the ones where I work, have Yamaha Disklavier Concert Grand Piano's in them. This is another Jewish and Chinese trick! These lazy mediocre fools are sending computer generated Midi files to a 'real piano' with real strings to be recorded and resold as if the artist who is being promoted by the label, is actually the performer, when in fact, the performance has been done entirely by the Yahama Disklavier. There are even live concerts done this way, in which the performer is 'lip-syncing' hand movements like a Bugs Bunny cartoon, but the entire performance is done robotically and the Yamaha mechanism is secretly installed in another piano like a Jewish Steinway. SOME DECEPTION! But what else can we expect from the Jews. They have always cheated, and now, technology is helping them get away with it. WAGNER WAS RIGHT FOLKS........... Knowing that robotic piano's exist, means that we NOW need more proof from the so-called superior Jews that they are actually playing on their recordings.

Unfortunately for the Jews, the nightmare does not end on the piano, but continues to string instruments such as the Violin and Cello. Every orchestra performer and conductor knows that the most difficult technique to achieve by a Violinist is a sustained legato ‘double-stop’, meaning that two, three or ALL four strings are played at the same time, and even vibrato is attempted. So this is really challenging folks.... Well the Jews, never imagined that one day a software like Celemony’s Melodyne, would be able to identify and distinguish overdubbed elements from authentic double-stops. So when you put recordings of Jews like: Ilya Kaler, Isaac Stern, Pinchas Zukerman, Uto Ughi, Itzhak Perlman, and EVEN AS OLD AS Jascha Heifetz, in the software, you can now see that they are not always double-stopping, especially on work like Bach’s Violin Sonata’s, and Telemann’s solo work. There are seperate audio tracks revealed by the software, proving that layering was done by the studio engineers to give the false impression that the performer had achieved an impossible and commendable feat in the mastery of Violin technique. We all know people who are suffering to do ‘in-tune’, double-stopped vibrato’s like those played by Zionist Jew, Jascha Heifetz, (which are not human and would require extreme spreading of the fingering hand). Let me relieve you folks in the conservatory, and declare that Jascha Heifetz is a fraud, and those are not genuine double-stops. There are video's of Heifetz playing on American television shows in the 1960's and close inspection and photo analysis reveals that his bow does not even touch all of the supposed strings he is double-stopping. Meaning that there are 'Overdubbed or layered sections' even during supposed live television. Those video's can be seen on You Tube. It's kind of like studying the moon hoax. Because of modern technology, we can no longer trust or be fooled into thinking that the Jews and others, are so-called child prodigies. If the artwork has been recorded, filmed, and edited, it is not genuine proof of an accomplished performer. We can no longer trust even video performances, or television, or recording we buy at music stores. All of these things can be easily tampered with. They do it to fool us into believing they are better than us, and that we'd never be able to play as well as they do! They are liars and cheaters, who have deceived the public and they don't deserve our praise!



BUY GENERIC NON-BRAND DESIGNS! Most of the Surfer Clothing Fashion is owned by Jews.


8. Don’t Buy on Amazon

9. Don’t Buy on Ebay

10. Don’t Use Paypal

11. Don’t watch Pornography! Its better to draw it and then masturbate, or imagine it in your 3rd eye. Never look at raw footage.